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ServerPronto Licenses Patent-Pending Blaze IP Technology

ServerPronto Licenses Patent-Pending Blaze IP Technology
July 30
12:35 2014

NEW YORK, NY – ServerPronto has entered into an agreement with BlazeIP to be the first-ever hosting company to license its revolutionary “Project IPS” technology. Project IPS is a patent-pending data center technology that allows IT admins to move a cloud server, virtual machine, or dedicated server back and forth between cities with a click of a button –without changing IP addresses.

More specifically, Blaze IP built a system on top of its patent-pending technology that allows IT admins to schedule a server to move to data centers in different cities manually, automatically, on a clock, or via an API in the event of a power, network, database, internal server or other systems failure—with no service interruption for the end user.

“With BlazeIP technology, ServerPronto offers the most reliable dedicated server and cloud hosting solutions on the market,” said Chris Kurzweg, CEO of ServerPronto. “Our clients now have the assurance their users will enjoy an uninterrupted experience, whether they are shopping for goods, watching videos or just browsing web pages. The Amazon Web Services cloud outage on Christmas Eve that left millions of Netflix customers in the dark could have been avoided with Blaze IP technology, which automatically moves servers to unaffected data center across the country without the end-user ever knowing anything happened.”

For the first time in history, BlazeIP creates hardened data center redundancy. The same level of redundancy available inside a data center within a cloud is now available between multiple data centers in multiple cities. This is vital from a disaster recovery perspective. Unlike IP tunneling, which is limited by processors, firewalls and bandwidth, Blaze IP’s patent-pending technology allows IP sharing across a wide area network—something many industry watchers said could not be done.

“From a disaster recovery perspective alone, this is a major breakthrough,” Kurzweg said. “We have been testing the BlazeIP platform since October 2013, and are amazed by its features and performance. The implications of this technology go beyond disaster recovery, security, and load balancing to shore up cloud services in data centers across the globe. This is a game changing technology for the data center world. Automatically failing over geo-replicated servers while keeping the same IP address is just the beginning of how we will implement this technology.”

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