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Making Public Cloud Reselling “Simple,” Limestone Networks Adds LSN Cloud to Their Industry Leading Reseller Program

Making Public Cloud Reselling “Simple,” Limestone Networks Adds LSN Cloud to Their Industry Leading Reseller Program
July 03
13:47 2014

Dallas, TX – Limestone Networks, a leading IaaS provider of on-demand, dedicated and cloud hosting services, has launched their innovative public cloud reseller solution. Cloud reselling is a hot, promising market, and Limestone has developed a solution that makes it both easy and affordable to get started.


OnePortal, Limestone’s proprietary control panel, gives clients broad control over their hosting through an extensive API. White-labeling, automated OS reloads, power & port control and network diagnostics are a few of the existing features of this robust client-management portal. With the addition of public cloud reselling, Limestone has added easy integration with WHMCS. The free available plugin enables LSN clients to resell both cloud and dedicated servers instantly. More specifically, resellers can automate their provisions and cancellations of cloud, modify the firewall, scale client instances and further administrate servers. “Installation is simple,” said Trent Schmidt, Lead Developer for Limestone Networks. “Drop in files, setup the options you want to configure and voila – you’re selling full SSD cloud.”


LSN Cloud, the public cloud offering for Limestone Networks, was built to satisfy the uncompromising demands of enterprise-level customers, while also accounting for the performance, ease-of-use and affordability requirements of the consumer market. LSN Cloud was built using advanced routers from Cisco and Juniper, Xeon E5 series hypervisors and distributed SSD storage powered by OnApp. As a result, LSN Cloud is an ideal solution for reseller hosting providers to leverage as they seek to augment their services. “Our primary ambition when designing LSN Cloud was to create a solution that offered high availability and scalability, as well as excellent performance,” said John Berry, Director of Networks & Engineering. “With a Unix-Benchmark well above our competitors, we’re happy with the results.”


Quality service and affordable prices are distinguishing features of Limestone Networks. LSN server provisions and support response times are among the best in the industry. The company’s prices are equally competitive when compared with other peers in the premium hosting segment. Their public cloud reseller solution is no different. Since infrastructure costs such as hypervisors and switches aren’t applicable with Limestone’s solution, resellers can start selling LSN Cloud immediately for a nominal deposit. As a bonus, clients can incur tremendous saving by committing to cloud resources monthly. “Our public cloud reseller program will make it easier for our clients to reach a much larger customer base,” explained Michele Warren, Director of Marketing. “And that is something to be excited about.”


Public cloud reselling is an active, maturing market and Limestone Networks has developed a brilliant solution that is easily initiated, solidly built and expertly serviced.

About Limestone Networks
Limestone Networks is a leading IaaS provider of on-demand cloud, dedicated and enterprise hosting services. LSN has an advanced data center which includes multi-layered security, N+1 and 2N redundancy and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone Networks features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, with 24/7 passionate support.

For more information concerning Limestone’s public cloud reseller platform, contact an Account Specialist.

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