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Linode Introduces $10/Month Plan

June 23
11:39 2014

Galloway, NJ –

  • Linode adds $10-per-month plan – or 1.5¢ billed hourly.
  • “Market has spoken,” says CEO Christopher S. Aker; Linode listened.
  • Follows upgrade to SSDs, Intel processors, and 40 Gbps connectivity resulting in 272% increase in new Linodes deployed

To celebrate its 11th anniversary today, Linode introduced its most affordable plan ever – the Linode 1GB. Now developers and other IT professionals can launch an SSD-powered server, with the latest Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 Ivy Bridge processors and 40 Gbps of redundant connectivity, for only $10 per month.

In its eleven-year history the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing customers with regular resource upgrades without raising prices. In fact, since inception, Linode has increased storage by 4,700%, RAM by over 3,000%, and transfer by 12,000% while maintaining the same bundled pricing model it started with in 2003.

“The market has spoken and we have responded,” said founder and CEO Christopher S. Aker. “While we have seen a growing demand for larger plans like our new 96GB, we have also received numerous requests for an entry-level option that offers the same quality and reliability as our larger plans, while being simpler and more affordable than what’s offered by AWS.”

While the company already offers the most cost-competitive solution among rivals AWS and Rackspace, the new plan gives subscribers

  • 1GB RAM and 1 core
  • 24GB of SSD space
  • 2TB transfer (out) and 125 Mbits outbound with 40 Gbits inbound bandwidth all for only $10 per month or 1.5¢ an hour under Linode’s new hourly billing model.

Jay LaPorte, founder of Dark Sky, an app capable of predicting when it will rain or snow down to the minute, commented on the new plan, “One of the things I like most about Linode is that it’s grown with us: it’s provided a stable platform with a simple pricing policy and a solid network that allowed us to get started immediately and grow when we needed to. Providing small, low-cost introductory VMs like this further solidifies that position; and, considering the quality of Linode’s support team, a small business would do very well to consider starting out with Linode.”

LaPorte added, “While this new pricing tier isn’t directly useful to us at Dark Sky’s current scale, we certainly would have taken advantage of it when we were first starting out.”

As with all other plans, subscribers can purchase add-on services like Managed, NodeBalancers, and Longview while still having 24/7 access to customer support.

Chief operating officer, Tom Asaro, added, “A $10-per-month plan has been a top request from our customers for the past few years, so after the market’s overwhelmingly positive response to our performance upgrades, we felt the time was right to roll out the new plan.”

The company’s performance upgrade in April was the result of a $45MM investment that cleared the way for native SSDs and Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 Ivy Bridge processors, doubling of RAM, and increasing network throughput to 40 Gbps. Since the upgrade, Linode’s number of daily deployed Linodes has increased by 272%, clearly showing that the market demand is there for better performance.

“Linode constantly looks for ways to reduce the barriers for businesses entering the cloud, Aker continued. “By reducing our entry-level price point, Linode becomes even more affordable for users seeking a simple and cost-effective cloud hosting solution.”

About Linode:
Christopher S. Aker founded Linode in 2003 and now, with over 250,000 customers worldwide, the company continues to offer developers and business owners the highest-performance cloud servers available at an affordable price. The company makes it easy for IT professionals to select a plan, platform distribution and datacenter, and launch their cloud infrastructure in under a minute. From there, customers can dynamically scale their environments to meet business demands – paying for only what they use, with no long-term commitments. The Onion and WP Engine are two notable enterprises that rely on Linode.

Linode’s proven Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform enables customers to fully customize their environments from six data centers in the US, UK and Asia. Subscribers also have the option to add managed services to any plan thereby putting Linode in charge of day-to-day node administration.

For interview requests of CEO Christopher S. Aker or COO Tom Asaro, please call Keith Craig to schedule. For more information on Linode, please visit

About Dark Sky:
The Dark Sky Company is a small, independent software studio specializing in weather forecasting and visualization, making the best-selling iOS weather app Dark Sky ( and the popular weather web site Forecast ( Dark Sky has always generated it’s own weather forecasts, making them available to a wide array of third-party apps through a developer API (, and has been powered by Linode since its founding. Please contact Jay LaPorte at for more information.

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