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Sharing is Not Always Caring – Why You Need a Dedicated Server

Sharing is Not Always Caring – Why You Need a Dedicated Server
May 08
10:46 2014

“Sharing is caring.”  I think we’ve all heard that phrase before, and it’s taken on bigger meaning with “sharing” services such as Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and the rest that use people’s goodwill to provide a service.  Sometimes, sharing isn’t always caring, and in the world of dedicated servers and hosting, sharing could put you and your business at risk.

With most web hosts, users are typically placed on a shared server with other clients, where they use the bandwidth, space, IPs and other services.  The risks for this are plenty:  first, you are sharing literally everything with others, and that’s not cool.

Think back to those days when you shared an apartment or a house with some college buddies or roommates; it kinda sucked.  You’d have to figure out what goes where, who gets what, who pays for this or that, and other messy factors.  Plus, your roommates might have friends outside of the roommate group, and they might invite over some shady people that you might not want in your house—THAT’s shared servers.

On shared servers, security becomes a big issue.  That shady person your roommate invited over?  Well, he’s in your house, and he might slip off and go check out your room without you knowing.  Heck, he might take something if he knows he can’t get caught.  With a shared server, if one of the other clients is vulnerable to a cyber-attack, that puts everyone else on the server at risk as well.

What about connectivity?  If you had a house phone in your apartment (what is this, 1990?), that was the directory for everyone in your house.  The same goes for IPs–with a shared server, you get an IP that you share with all the other clients on that server.  If someone dials your number, they also dial the number for the whole server.  It’s like someone calling your house and asking for you, but they have to talk to your roommate Bob first.

Dedicated servers, however, are just that—servers dedicated solely to you, your apps, your software and data.  It’s like having your own apartment, all to yourself, with your own house phone.  You get to decide what goes where, who’s allowed in and everything else you can imagine.  With a dedicated server, you get your own unique IP that is used specifically for your site, you get a whole server to yourself, and you get the extra protection that not sharing servers provides.  Your connectivity speed goes up because you aren’t sharing an IP or bandwidth, so customers can access your site and data faster.

While sharing a server might be easy on your pockets, eventually you’ll grow up, much like you did when you shared an apartment with someone, and finally move into your own space.  And you and your company will be better off for it.


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