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Nexusguard Correctly Predicts Large Uptick in Q1 2014 Volumetric Attacks

May 19
11:23 2014

SAN JOSE, Calif. — In Nexusguard’s 2014 Preview, they predicted DDoS attacks would become increasingly “crafty” (more creative and difficult to mitigate) and cost-effective (requiring less resources). While their expectations of significant growth in application layer attacks have been realized, the spike in volumetric attacks was particularly noteworthy.

A record-breaking attack – which exploited a flaw in the Network Time Protocol (NTP) in servers – was widely publicized in February, resulting in a surge of such attacks. Due to readily available toolkits on the Internet and the widespread number of vulnerable servers, this method quickly became very popular. NTP reflective amplification attacks can be launched by flooding servers with monlist requests, which attackers can leverage to amplify an attack by at least 200 times. For more information on this type of attack, please refer to the blog post.

To further explain this new DDoS trend, Nexusguard has created an infographic that sums up the state of DDoS in Q1 2014. Here are some key points:

– The number of volumetric attacks increased by 52 percent compared to Q1 2013
– The number of NTP reflective amplification attacks increased by 89 percent
– Peak attack bandwidth for volumetric attacks rose by 121 percent
– Peak packets-per-second dropped 54 percent
Some “fun” facts about Network Time Protocol attacks:
– The number of cases targeting the NTP rose 63% in February and skyrocketed 246% in March
– Largest recorded NTP attack peaked at 400 Gbps
– As of February, at least 349,000 servers remain unpatched
– Attacks will double in size by the end of 2014

Source:  Nexusguard Q1 2014 DDoS Trend Report

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Nexusguard is an industry-leading Internet security service provider, proven by years of experience mitigating thousands of attacks per month. Established in 2008, Nexusguard continues to provide innovative end-to-end, cloud-based Internet security solutions. By protecting clients against the ever-increasing and evolving multitude of Internet threats, Nexusguard’s cloud-based security solutions empower clients around the globe with uninterrupted services.

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