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Future Hosting Announces New Miami-Based High-Performance SSD VPS Hosting Plans

Future Hosting Announces New Miami-Based High-Performance SSD VPS Hosting Plans
May 23
11:26 2014

Southfield, MI – Future Hosting, a specialized VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting provider, has announced the introduction of Pure SSD Virtual Private Server hosting plans based in Miami, Florida. The new plans will bring Future Hosting’s blazingly fast SSD hosting platform to a city that has excellent network connections to the Southeastern United States and the growing economies of South America.

Future Hosting’s managed SSD hosting plans use solid state drives to provide unbeatable performance for I/O-heavy web hosting operations. File retrieval and database access is orders of magnitude faster on pure SSD hosting plans than is possible with traditional spinning disk technology. Unlike many hosting companies that use SSD drives for caching and spinning disk technology for storage, Future Hosting’s managed Pure SSD VPS hosting plans use SSD drives for all data storage.

“We’ve recently brought our Pure SSD managed hosting plans to London, UK and Brisbane, Australia, facilitating access to European, Australian, and South East Asian markets,” said Maulesh Patel, VP of Sales of Future Hosting, “Given the area’s growth rates in fixed and mobile broadband access, South America was the next logical choice, and Miami is the perfect location for hosting plans targeting Latin America and adjacent regions.”

Future Hosting chose to launch its new Pure SSD Virtual Private Server plans in Miami because of the city’s excellent infrastructure and links to South American networks, providing clients with low-latency access to some of the fastest growing online economies in the world. It’s estimated that in 2014, Brazil will become the 10th largest eCommerce market in the world. Nations including Mexico, Chile, and Argentina have rapidly growing online economies. Pure SSD Virtual Private Servers based in Miami are ideal for publishing, eCommerce, and business sites requiring reliable, low-latency access to the Internet’s most promising area for new business.

As web sites and applications become ever more complex and interactive, it’s increasingly important that I/O doesn’t present a bottleneck to the system. Revenues generated by eCommerce stores, web sites, and web apps are negatively impacted by latency. Latency measured in the fractions of seconds can harm conversion rates, advertising views, and user return rates. Unresponsive sites have higher bounce rates than those with low latencies. Pure SSD Virtual Private Servers offer a solution to web hosting clients — by ensuring that web servers are never left waiting for the data they need to build pages, dynamic websites, including popular content management systems and eCommerce applications, can deliver content faster than ever before.

Managed Pure SSD VPS clients can take advantage of Future Hosting’s comprehensive Future Engineer proactive management service, which offers monitoring of key services including web servers, mail servers, and FTP servers. Future Engineer is a full service server management program that allows businesses to concentrate on building and running their site, not their server.

About Future Hosting, LLC
Founded in 2001, Future Hosting is a privately held leading Internet solutions provider specializing in managed hosting, including Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and Hybrid Virtual Private Servers. The company has built a strong reputation for its high-quality service, innovative pricing models, and 3-hour Service Level Agreement. Future Hosting is based in Southfield, Michigan. For more information, visit

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