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Top Five Internet Security Falsehoods

Top Five Internet Security Falsehoods
April 11
09:59 2014

Internet security is a vast subject and covers many precautions and topics that sometimes a common person gets confused about what to believe or not. In this dilemma situation, web users start to keep bios about internet security whether it is for password security, website hacking or patched software. This could happen due to lack of knowledge about web security. In this article, we will reveal the top five web security falsehoods that will compel you to think ahead of your misconceptions about internet security.

Nobody is interested in hacking your website

You must know that internet is the domain of illegal activity; we called it cybercrime. If your website carries confidential information or personal data, then the time has come to take precautions for your website and server. Cyber culprits always interested in confidential information like user’s login details and other essential data, and if your website or server is not equipped with proper security, then your business might be at risk. History proved that cyber crime has debased the reputation of many online companies. It always advisable using anti-hacking service from expert who periodically launches updated versions or fixes to such threats.

My Password is Secure

Password changing is a good habit and many companies and financial software keep this concept in mind and follow proper password policy. Password is a very sensitive matter and if it is exposed to any unknown person, you might fall victim of data theft. The other chance is if you are using Jailbreaking device, and you innocently download malicious software then your login details would be at risk. The hackers have nothing obscured from them either it is a password or online transaction particulars. By changing password frequently, there will be no same password pattern, you will use anymore, which frees you from password hacking. Some of the biggest vendor also offers two step verifications to strengthen your login credential.

Firewall safety is enough

If you are thinking that firewall is the utmost safety against external attacks then you are on the wrong track because firewall can be compromised with several ways. There are number of biggest security threats identified by online business leaders.  If your system is vulnerable to DoS attack, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, man in middle attack and other online attacks, then your firewall might fail to stop this attack. As we know that, SSL certificate can help to prevent Man in Middle attack, each attack has its own solution that need to implement by expert. Another chance is attackers can inject their own controls into communication streams as hackers can use free spoofing tools on a LAN connection or can imitate wireless hotspot.

File Backups will protect the site from harm

File backup is merely a safe side of your data but it cannot save you from hacking. Whenever cybercriminals targets your server, a regular copy of data backup will remain safe and while restoring your server you can store this data backup to normalize your server task. Many people believe that regular data backup saves their server or website from hacking but it is a fairy story. Data debase can also change both your on-site as well as your backup files.

Annual Penetration test is sufficient

Penetration test or pen test is a method to find security weakness in computer system and generally, it is carried out annually in organizations. However, the pen test only covers the existing vulnerability in system after that test if any security weakness or vulnerability occurs, it could welcome cyber attack on your server. Security monitoring is an ongoing task, which requires constant monitoring to find vulnerability of a server system.


Many organizations do not have necessary security precautions and as a result, they become victim of cybercrime. On other side, organizations should spread awareness about the security needs to educate employees. I have listed the prevailing misconceptions in cyber world that should be removed from users and organization’s mind and organizations should take further security measurements to boost its security strength.

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