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Server4You Makes SSD Media An Affordable Option In All Virtual Servers

April 22
10:05 2014

Server4You, the leader in reliable discount brand hosting products, is excited to announce that it is now offering the fast data access of SSD media on its virtual servers, for the same, low price, as virtual servers featuring HDD media.

Until recently, modern SSD media – which provides administrators of dynamic web sites and database servers lightning-speed data access – was costly to have. But Server4You is now making it available to everyone with the company’s new vServer offerings. Server4You is the first provider in Europe to offer all virtual servers either with HDDs or SSDs for the same low price of €4.85/$8 month. The fastest SSDs on the market with up to 10,000 IOPS are installed in the SSD vServers. These provide up to ten times more read and write operations per second as compared to vServers with HDD.

“Our customers may now choose if they’d rather get ten times more performance in order to allow the fastest data access, or if the amount of web space is more important for their project. In the latter case they can still order a VPS with HDD and more web space,” explains Server4You’s CEO Thomas Strohe. “What’s so special about our offer, however, is that we don’t take a penny more despite offering ten times more performance. SSDs are still more expensive than common HDDs, but we’d like to offer the latest technology to all our customers without increasing the prices,” adds Strohe.

About Server4You:
The hosting brand Server4You has been successful in the market for over ten years with its remarkable price policy and extensive product range. Despite their low prices, they still offer expert support, state-of-the-art technology, and the fastest connections. All servers are hosted in their own data centers, either in St. Louis, MO or in Europe’s greenest data center, datadock, in France.

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