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eRacks Announces Launch of Their Largest Cloud Server Ever, the New 432TB eRacks/NAS72

April 24
09:25 2014

Fremont, CA – eRacks Systems, the nation’s leading solution provider dedicated to Open Source, announced today that they have released a new line of Petabyte-class servers, the NAS72. The NAS72 comes complete with 4U of Rackspace, and is equipped with advanced green drives that consume 23% less power than traditional drives.

eRacks’ new NAS72 storage server solution features unparalleled economy of space, with 72 drive bays that can be configured to many different custom setups housed in a special chassis that takes up just 4U of Rackspace. Each of the bays in the NAS 72 is equipped with specially designed “green” drives noted for their energy efficiency. Each 6TB HGTS helium filled drive consumes 23% less power than traditional 4TB drives. This amounts to roughly half the energy usage per terabyte, making the massive storage capacity of 432TB both practical and affordable for nearly any server setup.

eRacks is renowned in the industry for their dedication to and expertise with the Open Source movement, with many of their products coming pre-installed and pre-configured with open source software like OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus, among others. The new NAS72 cloud storage server solution is no different, and can be pre-configured with OpenStack for truly superior results.

“With the confluence of the highest storage density available, ‘Green’ miserly power usage, and sheer storage size, the eRacks/NAS72 brings an unprecedented level of utility to the cloud marketplace,” said Joe Wolff, CTO and Founder of eRacks. “When combined with our available OpenStack pre-installation/pre-configuration services, it’s a truly unbeatable Enterprise-class turnkey Petascale private cloud.”

For more information on the NAS72, and other Petascale storage solutions, contact eRacks at 714-532-5322 or visit

About eRacks
eRacks Open Source Systems features its own line of rackmount servers, desktops, and laptops and offers a wide array of services including open source enterprise migration, security, and network architecture services.

eRacks strives to return the control of the IT department back to the business owner, by providing quality open source enterprise-level applications on easily-upgradable industry-standard hardware. eRacks believes businesses should not be required to rely on third-party closed-source software vendors.

eRacks was founded by system architects and network design consultants who over the last twenty-five years have had first-hand experience setting up enterprise-level computing infrastructures. eRacks’ founders decided to leverage their expertise by designing ready-to-run systems, saving customers money, configuration time, and frustration.

eRacks Systems, founded in 1999, has locations in Fremont and Los Gatos CA.

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