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DDoS Hosting Solutions Launches Official Company Blog

March 06
17:15 2014

California – DDoS Hosting Solutions, a leading provider of DDoS protected web hosting services, has announced an official launch of their company blog.

With a company blog, DDHS will be bringing company news and updates to your front door. Posts will include any exciting news about the company and current promotions on services that are going on. On top of the news and updates that DDHS will be posting about, they will also post occasional informative articles relating to various DDoS topics.

“One of the best places to stay up to date about emerging threats and other news relating to DDoS security is directly from the companies who deal with these threats every day,” said Bob, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions. “Our company blog will let our clients know what we are currently up to. What we are going to do next. It will be used as a medium to share this information directly to the public.”

DDoS protection is something that all online businesses and websites need to consider purchasing to maintain their online presence. The biggest problem with DDoS protection is the lack of education about the subject. DDHS hopes that posting informative articles about various DDoS topics will help to educate others about the growing threat and why DDoS protection is becoming a necessity.

DDoS Hosting Solutions offers DDoS protection for online businesses, websites, and services. They provide shared and VPS hosting. They also sell dedicated servers with the option to add up to 20 Gbps DDoS protection via DDHS Guard.

DDHS Guard is used to protect client’s online presence from DDoS attacks ranging up to 20 Gbps. It is deployed either as a remote proxy or a GRE tunnel can be setup. A majority of people who rely on maintaining an online presence do not realize they need DDoS protection until it is too late. Being proactive can be the best option to mitigate damages and loss exposures that might occur from a DDoS attack.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve at DDHS. Blogging is great way to connect with your clients and potential customers,” said Kevin, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions. “One of the biggest problems we have noticed is the lack of education when it comes to DDoS protection. People do not understand what it is and why they need it. We hope that regular posts about various DDoS related topics will help educate people.”

DDoS Hosting Solutions hopes to increases people’s awareness about DDoS threats through their company blog. In addition they will be releasing the latest news and updates about the company. Visit the company blog at

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