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Nexusguard’s Leading Security Solution ClearDDoS Retooled to Address the Needs of the SMB Market

Nexusguard’s Leading Security Solution ClearDDoS Retooled to Address the Needs of the SMB Market
February 20
16:59 2014

Nexusguard, a leading anti-DDoS security service provider, today announced two new service plans for its ClearDDoS security service. The new packages are specifically designed for versatility and cater to the needs of small- to medium-sized organizations.

The complete ClearDDoS solution will now feature three tiers: Premium, Unlimited and Proactive. Each tier provides distinct advantages, so any business will be able to find a plan that suits it perfectly.

  • ClearDDoS Premium: Provides maximum customization and security, and is designed for large businesses or organizations that run mission-critical applications, such as online gaming.
  • ClearDDoS Unlimited: Designed for medium-sized businesses whose applications need only moderately customized services, such as online banking and online shopping.
  • ClearDDoS Proactive: Provides an approachable alternative for businesses whose applications’ security requires little customization and have limited resources available for for anti-DDoS measures. SMBs, government offices and nonprofit organizations will find ClearDDoS Proactive’s Token-based model the most effective way to secure their websites.

Many network service providers have attempted to take advantage of their network architecture to mitigate DDoS attacks, but their methods have been increasingly outpaced by the rapid evolution of DDoS attacks. Just this month, a record-breaking DDoS attack reached a peak traffic of 400Gbps, significantly effecting the quality of service for US and European Internet users. NXG Labs’ analysis of this attack revealed that the attackers sent only a small amount of spoofed packets, but was able to consume hundreds of times that bandwidth–a technique known as an amplification attack.

From this event, it becomes obvious that there is a new generation of DDoS attacks–one that requires significantly less resources, and yet is many times more powerful. This new batch of DDoS attacks is also more accessible, cheaper and much more effective. This results in a higher risk of being targeted by DDoS attacks for any business or organization, whether the attackers are motivated by financial gain, political agendas, vengeance or sheer boredom.

While malware and computer viruses can generally be prevented or resolved through patching vulnerabilities or matching patterns, respectively, the mitigation of DDoS attacks requires numerous experts in various fields and specialized equipment. Not only does DDoS mitigation require significant upfront investments, in some cases different regional network segments will even need entirely different approaches to mitigation. The nature of DDoS attacks dictates the need for long-term planning, since a DDoS attack hits swift and hard, and often continues over an extended period of time.

ClearDDoS is Nexusguard’s anti-DDoS solution for enterprises of any industry and scale. Not only does it protect your business or organization with industry-leading technologies, Nexusguard’s cloud-based security services also provide instantaneous and seamless updates so you never have to worry about new types of attacks. In an age where everyone is a potential target of a DDoS attack, Nexusguard’s ClearDDoS offers the most effective and approachable solution to your DDoS worries.

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Nexusguard is an industry-leading Internet security service provider, proven by years of experience mitigating thousands of attacks per month. Established in 2008, Nexusguard continues to provide innovative end-to-end, cloud-based Internet security solutions. By protecting clients against the ever-increasing and evolving multitude of Internet threats, Nexusguard’s cloud-based security solutions empower clients around the globe with uninterrupted services. For more information, please visit

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