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Building Infrastructure is Dead (it’s official)

Building Infrastructure is Dead (it’s official)
February 28
00:07 2014

This week marks the ninth year of the Parallels Summit. The 2014 edition of Parallels Summit is being held in New Orleans right across the street from the Superdome.

In fact, last night I was lucky enough to attend a party Parallels hosted at the House of Blues that featured the band Ra Ra Riot. Here’s a few pics of the event…

rarariotRich was able to meet the band and he got his photo taken with them…

If you are considering a hosting event to attend next year, Parallels should rank high on your list.

After attending all but ONE of these events, it is becoming clear that Parallels understands that for small, medium, and even large Web Hosts to compete… they need more flexibility.

Quite simply, the ‘cloud’ is as big as the stratosphere. There are many different products SMB’s piece together to run their operations and improve efficiency.

Consider for a moment the following cloud services your SMB clients ARE using now:


  • Dropbox
  • CloudFlare
  • iContact
  • Office 365
  • Huddle
  • VaultPress

As you can see, this creates a very fragmented solution for SMB’s. Multiple services means multiple control panels, multiple billing dates, and several different support teams involved (and not working together).

Birger Steen - Parallels CEO

“Right now, businesses everywhere are moving to the cloud faster than ever. For the first time in history, critical business technology is as accessible for the florist on Main Street as it is for the behemoths of Wall Street. As a result, the SMB cloud industry is growing 30 percent to 40 percent year over year. Service providers working with Parallels are able to tap into this growth with a proven platform and approach to make the cloud work for all types of businesses, small and large”. Birger Steen, CEO, Parallels

Parallels management has taken notice of this fragmentation… and this mash up that most SMB’s are now using to effectively run their business.

During the Summit, I was able to sit down for coffee with John Zanni, Chief Marketing Officer (Service Providers) for Parallels, John spoke about the importance of small businesses being able to get the technology they need in one place. He went on to detail out three new packages that Web Hosts can integrate quickly and easily using Parallels Automation with APS 2.

“Parallels Automation platform with APS 2 for software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) delivery with more than 500 services available through private, public and hybrid clouds. Using the Parallels Automation platform, IT managers now can provision IaaS based on the leading cloud management, virtualisation and storage solutions, such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Parallels Cloud Server, Acronis and others”. John Zanni, Chief Marketing Officer, Parallels

Further, John added that by adding cloud services to your offering, you can test the water for certain niches without incurring much expense. As you can see below, there are a few integrations for Parallels Automation which you can add to your existing service without having to build any sort of infrastructure.

With the new IaaS offerings below from Softlayer and Hostway, you can focus on niche marketing and leave the infrastructure worries to the bigger companies. This gives you incredible agility and speed that other hosts can not easily match. For most larger hosts, outsourcing their infrastructure is forbidden, giving an advantage to smaller and more nimble hosts to take advantage of.

For example, if you are a shared or VPS provider and want to test the waters with dedicated servers or Windows Azure, you install the APS and begin promoting the new services to your clients. This saves you from having to setup servers, deal with licensing, and spend valuable man hours. In a matter of days, not weeks or months, you are offering a full blown solution.

In addition, most of the following infrastructure providers are mont-to-month, which allow you to quickly scale up or down.

Essentially, you can be up and running in minutes with the following solutions…

Three Cloud Service Integrations with ZERO Infrastructure Costs

  1. Windows Azure Pack APS Package. Enables service providers to rapidly deploy Microsoft’s Windows Azure Pack services through the APS for Parallels Automation. The Azure Pack helps service providers to offer the advanced cloud capabilities of Azure services based on their own infrastructure. These technologies include the ability to offer IaaS and hosted databases with virtual networks, high-density scalable web sites, as well as an enterprise service bus. Parallels Automation allows for seamless provisioning of these new services, as well as the consolidated billing with other offerings in the service provider’s environment.
  2. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator APS Package. Cross-platform and enables fast deployment of highly differentiated public IaaS cloud offerings based on the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator with automated billing, provisioning and customer management provided by Parallels Automation. When the Flexiant APS Package is deployed with Parallels Automation, FCO provides compute, network and storage orchestration; end user self-service control panels; APIs; and support for a full range of virtualisation IT, including Parallels Cloud Server.
  3. APS Packaged IaaS offerings are now available from IBM/Softlayer and Hostway. For service providers who want a full compliment of cloud hosting and hardware without the expense of hardware purchases.

Of course, to integrate these offerings with your hosting, you need to be using Parallels Automation. Click here for more information on Parallels Automation.

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