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VPN Software Provider LiquidVPN Takes Internet Privacy to Next Level with New Subscriber Options

November 18
12:46 2013

Web Hosting Newslivonia, MI – LiquidVPN, a leading provider of VPN software that provides users with unparalleled internet security and privacy, announces new subscriber features that deliver even greater flexibility and privacy. The unprecedented move enables users to freely switch between shared IP, dynamic IP, modulating IP and static IP addresses based on the type of access and privacy desired. In a major leap ahead of the competition, these new offerings further distinguish LiquidVPN as a top competitor in the VPN service market.

“Most VPN services choose one or two of the three main IP technologies to use, and customers are stuck with it,” explains an article on the site. “LiquidVPN gives you all three IP technologies and invented a new technology that is the most anonymous of them all. Modulating IP technology is exclusive to LiquidVPN and provides our users with internet privacy that is second to none.”

This new option available exclusively to LiquidVPN subscribers allows them to choose the best connection based on how they want to use the VPN service. From the VPN application, subscribers can choose from the following four options based on their privacy needs:

  • Shared IP: With a shared IP, several people share a single IP address, making it very anonymous. However, users experience will vary based on the “good neighbor” rule. If others using the IP are using it for questionable purposes, each user is subject to any restrictions that result.
  • Static IP: The static IP option is not as private, as only one person is assigned the IP address. However it is an excellent choice for administrators who need only one IP.
  • Dynamic IP: Dynamic IP addresses combine the best of both the shared IP and static IP options. IP addresses are only used by one person at a time. Each time a user logs out another person is assigned the IP address, making it a highly secure browsing choice.
  • Modulating IP: LiquidVPN’s exclusive offering, modulating IP addresses offer the ultimate experience in internet privacy. A group of 20 to 30 shared IP addresses have a chance to modulate each time a device requests information from the internet, providing nearly totally anonymous web surfing. The technology is aimed at users who do not mind trading some performance for complete privacy.

With VPN servers across the globe, LiquidVPN can provide VPN service anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. With software that is easy to download and ready in minutes, each VPN setup guide provides the assistance and technical specifications needed to start surfing safely right away.

About LiquidVPN:
LiquidVPN promises its users no limits, no logging and fanatical support. Users can enjoy private internet access for just 4.99 per month. LiquidVPN has one of the easiest to use VPN clients on the market with a script library that makes it one of the fullest featured clients available. For more information, visit

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