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UK IP PROXY Database Opens Up British Internet to the World

July 26
11:39 2013

Web Hosting NewsDallas, Texas – idcloak Technologies Inc. has launched a live database of every known UK IP proxy offering public connections to the British internet. The service is aimed at several groups, including holiday makers abroad seeking to retain a British internet experience and web marketers or advertisers wishing to evaluate British search engine rankings or advertising.

“As internet companies seek value by regionalizing the internet experience they offer, users need an alternative to escape that regionalization,” says idcloak’s lead internet researcher, Robin Welles.

“Over the summer period, holiday-makers abroad face the annoyance of important sites like Google reverting to local languages. Even search results vary according to user location. Through a UK web proxy, British tourists can take the British internet with them.”

idcloak additionally offers a UK web proxy which can be accessed through a webpage. However, Welles points out that many users prefer IP proxies to their website-based cousins, “Once you set up your browser to connect to an IP proxy, it will continue to route all requests through the remote server until you tell it to stop. This is ideal for repeated access to the British internet as you don’t have to keep visiting a proxy webpage first.”

“Also, an IP proxy encounters no difficulties displaying complex, media-heavy sites like YouTube or Facebook – a problem very much associated with site-based proxy use.”

The UK server also holds value for foreign businesses competing in the British market. “Any company with a stake in UK commerce needs to know where their content ranks under certain search terms. Even by visiting from abroad, the rankings will be influenced by their foreign location. A proxy is the only way for them to be sure that what they see is what British internet users are getting.”

The same goes for advertisers: “It is difficult to research advertising abroad when all adverts are tailored to your location. The UK proxy is an excellent tool for studying British advertising and checking that adverts delivered to UK users are being displayed as intended.”

idcloak is a Dallas-based provider of internet privacy and security systems. The versatile idcloak VPN is due for release in September 2013. To learn more about the benefits of VPN technology, read Welles’ article: Anonymous Web VPN for Privacy On The Web, Not Just Your Computer.

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