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ProXPN Latest Product Adds Even Greater Value to the World of Virtual Private Networks

July 18
12:46 2013

Web Hosting News – A secure online connection, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to ensure a user’s online presence is safe from any interference or data interjection. VPNs encrypt the data of a user as they interact online, securing their banking details, credit card numbers, passwords and generally any sensitive data a person uses online.

Additionally, a VPN can provide a user with an anonymous online identity by masking their IP (Internet Protocol) address and hiding their real location.

proXPN’s recently launched cloudXPN platform is doing just that and even more. It’s securing users’ privacy even further online, sheltering their location and identity from any prying eyes. They have created a secure, encrypted tunnel through which a user’s online data will flow through. All a user needs to do is set up a proXPN VPN account in a matter of minutes, access the cloudXPN platform and the rest is taken care of by their dedicated, expert team. Mr. Jon Ingle, a senior technician at proXPN, adds, “We have a firm commitment to continually upgrade our infrastructure as our user’s needs and expectations grow. I’d say it’s one of the things that really set us apart.”

About proXPN:
Founded in 2009, proXPN is a leading VPN provider. Unlike other services they offer free accounts. Unlike the SaaS standard practice of time-based free trials, a proXPN free VPN account lasts for life and is limited only by connection speed. proXPN Premium account users enjoy unlimited connection speeds as well as advanced features such as PPTP compatibility for mobile devices and VPN Guard™, proXPN’s method of cutting all data transfer should the VPN connection fail, ensuring all data is encrypted during transmission even if there’s a system error. proXPN’s firm stance on the importance of individual privacy and security online mirrors public sentiment expressed during debates over SOPA and PIPA.

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