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First Cloud Manageable TP-Link Released

June 28
11:48 2013

Web Hosting NewsMilano, Italy – Cloud management for anyone, even on low-cost TP-Links.

TP-Link is one of the better known brand worldwide, when speaking about the Wi-Fi market. Their devices are the lowest cost ones. They are not like Cisco, let’s say, but they do the job in a fair way. This is especially true when considering the TP-Link WR740N model.

The main thing that the device is missing, especially when speaking of the hotspot market, is some centralized management feature. The typical scenario is that the Managed Solution Providers targeting cafés, restaurants, small hotels, with a tight budget used to get those low-cost TP-LINK WR740N devices, deploy, and then, configure each one of them one-by-one. What a pain. And worse, receiving a phone call every time the customer had an issue. This means taking the car and going on site just to reboot the device.

Now all of this is something of the past. TP-LINK WR740N can become cloud manageable, meaning that its configurations can be changed remotely and that it’s possible to receive an email alert if there are issues. All of this thanks to Tanaza (, the first cloud-based software-as-a-service that allows to create a centralized Wi-Fi infrastructure with multi-vendor devices.

Massimiliano Pacioni, Director at WIFi Project, a Managed Solution Provider that recently deployed a few hundred Tanaza Powered APs in all parts of Italy, declares that “Tanaza enabled me to have extreme levels of efficiency. Cloud managing a WE740N for the first time has been an amazing experience, like getting superpowers. I could finally deploy super-low cost TP-Link access points with one click, reboot them, perform firmware upgrades, see clients stats and all from my cloud dashboard ( Best of all, I have the freedom to also mix them with Ubiquiti or higher end devices, where the requirements are more demanding.”

Joanna Wall, Tanaza Channel Manager, stated “A lot of partners joined our Partner Program recently. Some of them are very happy to use TP-Link low-cost devices, others like the Ubiquiti price/performance ratio, perfect for Small Businesses. And another group want to cloud manage more expensive Ruckus Wireless devices. We can support all of them as our mission is just to provide the simplest cloud dashboard that works with any hardware: we are hardware agnostic.”

About Tanaza
Founded in 2010, Tanaza’s mission is to make Wi-Fi management easy and affordable, by removing the need for expensive hardware controllers and enabling remote management of any vendor access points in multiple locations through one intuitive interface.

A demo, free trial or quotation is available by contacting your local Tanaza Channel Partner or Tanaza, sales(at)tanaza(dot)com or +39 02.8718.8553.

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