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Website Keyword Selection – Beyond Online Tools and the Excel Spreadsheets

April 10
07:35 2013

There’s usually more than one way to do just about anything, and that includes keyword optimization on your websites. Typically, people use online keyword generators and keyword selectors to determine the words that best fit their online content assuming that this is the best strategy. Some even go further and do the work themselves, pulling up excel spreadsheets that employ the formula for indexing values on keywords after Googling competition usage of keywords. This can help you see where keyword finder tools get their information from, but it does nothing to really give you the value of a keyword and does nothing to help you determine the best fitting keywords for your website and content. The reality is, knowing how to make the most of keywords that generate real, quality traffic takes more research than that- but isn’t generally more complicated. Here are some other quick methods that can help you further find the best fitting keywords for your websites.

  • Never sacrifice quality. This means not just choosing keywords based on high traffic and low competition values that are easily found using a spreadsheet and some online keyword tools, but making sure your keywords fit into your style, intended audience and overall content. For example, if you write in a simpler manner of tone, don’t use large keywords that don’t fit your voice.
  • Think in phrases, not just singular words. Centering content on one word like “camera” might generate a lot of traffic, but it’s superficial and too general. “Nikon SLR camera” is more precise and more targeted and will bring in traffic that’s more focused and retentive.
  • Learn about global terminology. The word “diaper” here in the United States is also a “nappy” or “nap” in the UK. This might help expand your traffic and in some cases, be a better fit depending on your content.
  • Don’t confuse your audience and be clear with the intention of your website. The second someone visits your website and feels confused or deceived in any way, they’ll leave. This has a lot to do with your content and keyword selection. Don’t use keywords just because they generate traffic with no intent of following through
  • Ask for input from your audience and seek advice from people who’ve been in the business for a while. Not only do you want to know what your audience thinks, but you want to know what’s working for old timers and why. These are both sources of advice that you should value as much as money.
  • Don’t overuse keywords or keyphrases. Some say that using a specific keyword 4-9% in your content is the sweet spot, but the best thing to do is simply use your words as they fit and nothing more.

With some creative thought and an open mind, you can combine the raw data of keyword index values with these other approaches and figure out a good system that maximizes your keyword and keyphrase choices that will give you the quality traffic your website and online business needs. Don’t just stop with keyword generators. If you take a more in depth approach, you’ll begin to see more sales, more repeat visitors, and a general revival of your websites.

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