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Top 10 Reasons you should have a Facebook Fan Page

Top 10 Reasons you should have a Facebook Fan Page
April 03
07:00 2013

If you’re using Facebook professionally, a regular profile page may not be of benefit to you. Not only are you limited to 5000 friends on a regular profile (for a professional filling up these slots with contacts and partners, this isn’t unheard of), you’re also limited to how many people can receive updates at one time. These alone are two great reasons why you should have a Facebook Fan Page if you’re a business looking to reach out further to your client base, but there are many other reasons why you need a Fan Page as well. Here are the top ten reasons you need to have a Facebook Fan Page as part of your business marketing plan:

  1. It’s FREE. Well, for the most part, although as mentioned in another article Facebook is attempting to change this by changing their terms of service and using a “Promote” option, but this isn’t a problem for most and probably won’t fly in the long term. So, quite literally, it’s absolutely completely free to use Facebook Fan Pages. Why is it a great value? Keep reading!
  2. Facebook Fan Pages are completely indexed by search engines like Google. Personal profiles are not. SEO content from your Facebook Fan Page linked back to your website or blog will undoubtedly increase your rankings on Google and other search engines.
  3. Not only does the search engine indexing benefit you, but the massive amount of people who regularly use Facebook will benefit you as well. There are now over 600 million users on Facebook, and over 50% of them log in every single day. The average user spends around an hour on Facebook each day too. That’s a lot of visibility!
  4. Facebook integrates easily with other media outside of Facebook. You can connect your users easily to Facebook through your webpage using Facebook Connect. People can use their Facebook accounts to sign up on your website, and interact with your media that way. If they’re already always logged into Facebook, this is easy and seamless. Even if they’re not, they can be automatically connected if they want.
  5. Facebook allows for most kinds of media to be used on their website, and are connecting all of the time with other websites and applications. Videos, photos, interactive media, it’s all available.
  6. You can interact with your audience effectively on Facebook with a more personal approach with Facebook Fan Pages. You can instantly update a post by replying to questions and comments on your Fan Page.  Fans can upload content to you on your Facebook Fan Page. Never before has any platform allowed such transparency.
  7. Facebook Fan Pages allow for a lot of room to develop and promote a brand, or the look and feel of a business. For a lot of people, the brand in itself is what sells a business to people. You can customize the look (to a certain extent) of your Fan Page to fit your brand, but most importantly you- the owner of your business and your Fan Page, can perpetuate your personality and brand easily on a Fan Page.
  8. Since Facebook sits as #2 only behind Google itself, links to and from your Facebook Fan Page are powerful when you connect them with your personal website and blog. It can automatically help your website and blog along in the rankings, and give your personal web pages an edge.
  9. Facebook Fan Pages promote community, so not only are your fans interacting with you, they’re interacting with each other. Believe it or not, this can help you. It allows your fans with similar interests connect among themselves, which can make your Facebook Fan Page that much more powerful.
  10. And finally, Facebook is a fun and cool place to be these days. If you’re a business with a Facebook Fan Page, you’re with the “times”. You’re relevant to most people and for a lot of businesses, that’s important.

You need the best presence on the web to be competitive these days. Facebook Fan Pages can help, but a complete presence is a must. Check out our editor’s choice awarded web hosts to find some of the best web hosting available for the best start on a website today.

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