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Dynastack Sets Release For Their SDN Built On Quantum

April 23
10:40 2013

Web Hosting NewsDallas, TX – Dynastack Inc., a Dallas based cloud ecosystems and IT services provider, today announced their new software-defined networking based on OpenStack Quantum. With an initial release scheduled for early May, Dynastack will offer virtual L2/L3 networks at the touch of a button.

Cloud computing represents an intriguing puzzle for interconnected network infrastructure. The obvious problem associated with solving this puzzle is the inability for networked hardware to scale beyond its physical limitations while instantiated virtual server instances can continue to grow exponentially.

Software-defined networks (SDN) allow users to essentially virtualize the Layer 2 and Layer 3 hardware needed to interconnect the system. The switches, the routers, the protocols, and the policies can now all be virtualized completely beyond the limits of traditional physical hardware.

“As we continued to gear-up for our Infiniband based high performance cloud release it was critical to build our core software to support the roll out. Quantum is really the glue that binds our whole cloud ecosystem together for us,” said Dynastack CEO, Jared Rice. “With SDN there is a lot to take in and still a lot to learn and, even more, a lot to teach. SDN gives our customers the flexibility to set policies that segment production and development environments and more importantly automate the entire process.”

Typically, deploying a server requires that network inter-connectivity infrastructure and configuration be in place to support the server. In some cases that would even mean purchasing new networking appliances to support the deployment. With SDN the process no longer requires moving wires and changing configurations in the data center. Since the network is virtualized, along with the server, it simply becomes an inherited trait of the server deployment. This gives users the ability to create templates of not just the server, but the underlying network and policy to support it.

With the continued maturation and adoption of SDN it represents a core piece for any IaaS offering and one that reduces cost and complexity while providing greater flexibility to the end user. There certainly looks to be a lot on the horizon for SDN as more and more enterprises adopt and employ the technology and Dynastack continues their focus on ensuring they make that technology available to those who need it.

Dynastack offers a wide array of hosting products encompassing everything from traditional shared hosting to high-performance cloud computing (HPC) services, Cloud Desktops and even fiber networks. They have a busy calendar for the remainder of the year with continued rollouts of their huge portfolio of products and services.
Dynastack, Inc.

About Dynastack, Inc.
Dynastack is a Dallas based cloud ecosystems and IT services provider that focuses on helping their customers coevolve and support their business ecology with the most innovative technologies available.

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