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Dynastack Releases OpenStack Powered Cloud Desktops

April 04
10:11 2013

Web Hosting NewsDallas, TX – Dynastack Inc., a Dallas based cloud ecosystems and IT services provider, today announced the first release of their dynamic scalable Cloud Desktops and the planned release of their Hybrid Cloud Desktop Solution both allowing users to take their virtual desktop with them on any device or in any browser.

This represents two strategic components for Dynastack’s enterprise and consumer offerings. Both the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) markets are rapidly expanding with key players Citrix, VMWare, Dell and Microsoft, driving adoption and innovation. Though cost has hampered market penetration, increasingly more enterprises are adopting VDI with thin client and bring your own device (BYOD) architectures as well as moving to DaaS offerings.

For enterprise IT and IT services VDI technology offers an opportunity to reduce operating expenditures while increasing productivity across the whole organization. Dynastack Cloud Desktops allow users to provision their virtual desktops and workstations complete with profiles, roles, security, applications and storage one time and then deploy that instance to dozens or even hundreds of users in a matter of minutes.

The primary complaint among current adopters of VDI and DaaS technologies is the high latency of the remote display. When deployed on local resources on smaller networks the performance is acceptable; but, when used over the internet the performance from existing offerings renders them near useless for anything other than back office functionality. Dynastack has been working on several solutions to the issue since 2011 and plan to debut their Hybrid Cloud Desktop solution in the coming months. Their current Cloud Desktop DaaS offerings are several times faster than Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft Azure products.

“VDI represents an intriguing prospect that hasn’t really reached fruition in terms of enterprise rollout. I suspect that is largely due to the inherent video latency issues with traditional VDI offerings and the underlying costs to address it. Our Hybrid Cloud Desktops solve the problem by using local resources primarily and then burst to the cloud when more resources are needed all while continually backing up both instances.” said Dynastack CEO Jared Rice. “Hybrid gives mobile workers the flexibility enterprises are looking for, while at the same time creating the ultimate BYOD. Since everything is really in the cloud ecosystem, it’s as secure as you want it to be.”

Lost, stolen or failed hardware costs American businesses roughly $25 Billion every year, not including data loss or breach of data. The estimate for data loss or breach of data, in many cases, is beyond calculation since the data in question could be proprietary or protected information.

“We use Cloud Desktops every day to run our business. They essentially eliminate the risk of lost or stolen hardware, especially when you use low cost thin clients or Mini PC’s. At the same time our Cloud Desktops allow organizations to re-purpose older hardware instead of just throwing it away.” said Dynastack COO Stanley Ford. “More importantly I can access my Cloud Desktop from any device, including my phone or even someone else’s PC.”

Dynastack offers Windows, Suse, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and ChromiumOS for their Cloud Desktops with utility pricing similar to standard server pricing for their DaaS offering and can help your organization with public or private VDI solutions. Their primary goal is to continue developing their cloud ecosystem along with their Hybrid Cloud Desktops in order to bring the price point down to a friendly consumer level.

“We’re continuing to test LXC, Xen and KVM with NVIDIA Grid to see how well it works with our ecosystem; though I cannot disclose anything at this time. Ultimately we’re driving for a much better user experience in terms of remote display latency.” Dynastack CTO Stephen Schuresko said. “That is a longer term goal. Hybrid Cloud Desktops have more potential in terms of BYOD applications at a more affordable cost point for users with the added benefit of user comfort, since it’s your own device.”

Dynastack offers Cloud Desktops as a DaaS solution in both their Public and Private cloud ecosystems as well offering it as an enterprise public or private VDI solution. Their scheduled formal launch is April 8th though they are offering advance accounts for select users.

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