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Why Cloud is ideal for Virtual Desktop/Desktop Replacement

Why Cloud is ideal for Virtual Desktop/Desktop Replacement
April 19
13:49 2013

Cloud is ideal for Virtual Desktop/Desktop Replacement. Most people, when they first hear about it don’t realize the power of cloud computing. Imagine all your servers, running all the time with limited downtime. Imagine all the machines in your business silently connected and ticking away, ready to share data at a moment’s notice. Imagine employees being able to access their work anywhere without the use of a VPN.

Cloud offers all of that and more. When you use cloud instead of a traditional desktop, you are gaining a whole host of features that aren’t possible with a traditional model. To start, cloud computing is incredibly fast and powerful. With traditional computing, the processing load is usually on the computer itself. This can cause certain tasks, like graphical tasks or compiling code, to take a long time. When you use the cloud, all of that processing power is offloaded onto a system vastly more powerful than a regular desktop. The entire process winds up taking a much shorter time than normal.

Another benefit is that downtime is more limited with the cloud model. With a traditional desktop PC, in the event of a hard drive or other failure, the worker must wait for backups to be made or fetched to continue work. If they’re not made regularly, the backups may be out of date. Since cloud computing is done in real-time, if you lose the client-side machine, everything is still saved to the cloud. Just jump on a machine and continue on with work as usual.

Another big disadvantage to regular desktop PCs is the slowness of remote work. A traditional model often requires users to VPN into machines if they want to work from home–often times a notoriously slow process. With cloud computing, the resources your employees need can be reached from anywhere, possibly through a simple secure login portal, which will often be much faster than a VPN.

So if you’re thinking of ditching your traditional desktop model, definitely consider cloud computing as an option. It’s the perfect replacement for traditional desktops, and it’s ideal for virtual desktops as well. Take the leap today. You won’t regret it.


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