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Why the Cloud is Ideal for Web Application Development/Deployment

Why the Cloud is Ideal for Web Application Development/Deployment
March 14
09:53 2013

Businesses today have to keep up with the latest productivity software applications. From inventory management to customer maintenance – and all stops in between – products out there are evolving and service providers are competing for everyone’s business by making the process as easy as subscribing to a web service.

That ease of use and convenience are mainly because of cloud servers. When the software, maintenance and updates are outside the realm of the customers’ responsibilities, the customer can focus more on promoting the business, and less on keeping the support system going. The developer looks after everything from troubleshooting to upgrades.

Enterprise software Deployers and the Cloud

Enterprise software essentially eases the accounting and administrative burden for customers. For example, customer relations management applications make help desk and account managers more efficient in the “care and feeding” of your customer base. For growing companies that value good human resource management – recruiting, performance and consolidating the human element into the company’s bottom line – there is also an array of performance management system applications that are cloud based.

Each of the above, and much more are percolating in the competitive cloud, which provides an ideal resource for deployers and customers. Customer relations management software, for example, can incorporate an existing list of contacts and their sales history and make that data instantly available to any help desk or account manager. To tap into the cloud version of the software, the customer subscribes, climbs a relatively gentle learning curve, and pays a monthly fee for the service.

The Ideal Cross-Platform Approach

When a software developer completes the package for deployment on the cloud, the user rarely has to download much and can access it from anywhere and on any computer (or device if deployed for mobile use). With the growing trend of people bringing their own computers to work, the cloud approach is the lean, quick way to access company data anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid Clouds are a Good Compromise

Customers who are concerned with security and who are determined at all costs to keep their proprietary company records “safe as houses,” might be willing to go the compromise route of the so-called “hybrid cloud.” As the term implies, the hybrid method is a mixture of using a cloud server with keeping other system and data files on the company premises. This approach is gaining popularity and is probably the best selling point for enterprise software deployers.

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