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Why Most Businesses Now Switch to Dedicated Server Hosting?

Why Most Businesses Now Switch to Dedicated Server Hosting?
March 21
08:48 2013

Many businesses that have an online presence know how important it is to have reliable servers to host their website. Shared hosting is no longer a top option when it comes to business hosting, since many shared hosting providers now don’t properly take care of their hosting servers and the resources are shared by too many websites making the speed extremely slow. Instead of having to bear with the poor quality of shared hosting, many businesses now opt for dedicated servers hosting. Dedicated Server hosting could be more expensive than shared hosting, however, the benefits it brings are well worth the cost.

First of all, when you use dedicated servers, all the network resources will be yours. You will not have to share your connection or hosting server with anyone. Therefore, your dedicated server will serve as your second computer, it is just that that second computer is far away. You can change the operating system, install more software or remove unwanted programs, or even upgrade some hardware at your own volition. Technically, you will be the owner of the server, so you don’t need to ask for anyone’s permission when you want to implement any change.

Your bandwidth will also not be affected by anything other neighboring customers are experiencing. Since you are not sharing network resources with anyone, you will sit assured that nothing can affect your website’s performance.

The problem with shared hosting is that when a website that is sharing the network resources gets infected with virus, other websites on the same server will be affected as a result. This problem no longer exists for dedicated hosting.

Dedicated servers hosting is also much more reliable and stable than traditional hosting. You will receive better support service and also many value-added tools to help you monitor all network activities in a timely and effective manner.

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