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The new WHOIS Domain Checking Tool from SiteTrail Provides more Comprehensive Web Analysis

February 25
13:22 2013

Web Hosting NewsSan Diego, CA – the web analysis and social media platform has released a WHOIS domain check service which tracks a variety of interesting statistics about websites and displays it all on one single aggregated analysis page.

Given the need for users to switch between different conventional tools in order to track both WHOIS registrar data as well as social media popularity for of any domain, SiteTrail has provided a new innovative solution. Users can now access all the required data including header analysis, contact information of both the owner and the ISP host all in one place instead of switching between different service providers.

What is also a huge advantage is that the same analysis section also has a “News” Tab, which aggregates all SiteTrail articles pertaining to the brand or website. This means that site owners can also join SiteTrail to release articles about their own branded websites to see it displayed on an aggregated news page. Users will note that SiteTrail already host analysis for more than 2 million brands and this trend is rising sharply.

Website and domain analysis works alongside the use of analytics and is a growing trend amongst internet users. The domain is used by webmasters, law enforcement, researchers and internet marketing professionals who measure the effectiveness of social media marketing.

The Editor of SiteTrail has this to say to users: “We have made available an array of related sections now which enable users to check the IP of any device through the What is my IP service, introduced a social media and IT jobs portal and also made available our news section for companies and individuals who seek a popular platform to communicate about their brands. We look forward to seeing the levels of participation grow, we would also like to elaborate on our new web entertainment section which has so far been very popular.”

Entertainment portal also launched to engage the same audience:
SiteTrail has reported growth also following the new games portal it added. A generation of web users now use the website as a complete hub for entertainment, social media and useful web research. Following the addition of the Games portal, there is a further portal named “Free movies online” which serves as guide on educational, interactive and other online movie reviews.

Users can connect with SiteTrail via Twitter or the main website and upload relevant commentary about their brands, which can help maintain brand awareness.

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