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One Place, One Company- Compare Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Shared Hosting

February 27
00:00 2013

Having trouble finding great hosting plans with one company that also offers their service products in an easy to compare form? One of’s best certified hosts does just that. Zipservers lays it all out there in an easy to see and compare format that makes choosing the right kind of hosting simple, fast, and even fun. If you’re not sure what to choose in hosting, especially if you’re considering dedicated server hosting, VPS, and shared hosting, ZipServer’s hosting product comparison matrix can clarify that for you and make your choice that much easier.

Let’s say you think you’re pretty set on setting your business up with great a great VPS, but aren’t exactly sure that typical VPS products have the power your business needs. You can look at the basic specs of each VPS plan that offers, categorized by size and OS on ZipServers comparison matrix page. Scroll to the Virtual Private Server’s section of the comparison table, and you can see every kind of VPS plan laid out for you. A very basic VPS plan with a CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu based out of Dallas, Texas starts at 384 MB of RAM, 1000GB of bandwidth, one public and one private IP address, and starts at $19.95/month. Scroll a little further down the same table, and you can see that a top-tier level plan with the same OS starts at $44.95 a month and offers 2048 MB of RAM and 4000GB of bandwidth. You can see both of these plans on the same page, in the same place.

Now, let’s say your curiosity gets the best of you, and you want to see what dedicated server hosting can offer with Simply scroll a little further down the page, and you’ll see the entire dedicated server hosting options available. Options start with ZipServers single processor multi-core servers. Packages start at $129.00/month and feature two Xeon 3050XP processors at 1.86Ghz speed, 3000 GB of bandwidth, 250GB SATA hard drive, and 2GB of RAM. You can instantly see that even though dedicated server hosting costs a little more with ZipServers, you get over twice the bandwidth, the CPU speed is great, and you get a LOT more memory and RAM. And this is just the starter dedicated server package. Dedicated server hosting with ZipServers gets as large and powerful as possibly available, and are still offered at a great price- and you can see it all on one page, in one place.

To sign up for any of these services from the comparison matrix page, simply decide on the service that best fits your needs, and click “Buy Now” next to that service. You’re then taken to’s easy to understand order page, where you can further specify your service and customize your package. Continue to move through the seven steps to signing up for service. Each step allows you to move back and forth through the process too, so you can make sure you’re fine-tuning the exact services you need and can afford. You can always contact ZipServers customer support via e-mail and phone for help any time you need clarification or assistance through the process.

We guarantee great hosting service from, and with their easy and transparent table of offerings, you absolutely know you’re not missing out on products that will benefit your business. Find the right service, whether it is with dedicated servers, virtual private servers, or shared hosting all in one place- with one company. 

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