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Out-of-the-box Marketing Techniques Used For SingHost Web Hosting Products

February 11
11:54 2013

Web Hosting NewsSingapore, Singapore – SingHost offers shared hosting, dedicated servers, as well as cloud hosting packages. Over the years, they have built quite a reputation for themselves when it comes to the delivery of quality hosting services and customer support. Kerry Chan is a great addition to their team because she has a distinguished history with digital marketing techniques. In fact, she has accumulated a number of SEO and SEM certifications which make her the ideal choice with regards to marketing web-based products.

Kerry graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. She has worked with a number of companies in the past before finally joining SingHost a week ago. Here’s what James Lee, Head of Marketing at SingHost, had to say about Kerry.

“Kerry brings a lot of business and marketing related experience to the table. With her previous employer, she was involved in setting up a marketing campaign for a new product range – specifically for Singapore web hosting. The marketing campaign was focused around both digital and conventional off-line techniques. She is also a certified SEO expert which is a quality that will come in good stead for her job.”

According to James, Kerry has already made a couple of changes to the VPS packages being offered at SingHost. From a user’s perspective, purchasing a VPS package involves considering factors like disk space, dedicated memory, in addition to factors such as bandwidth amount. The optimal VPS package that any user will look to purchase will provide a great mix of the above features, coupled with a monthly price that is affordable and reasonable.

VPS hosting is quite popular now because it provides the optimal balance between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is not preferable for some people because resources are allocated but not guaranteed, and distributed to any user on the shared server on a first-come, first-served basis. Dedicated hosting can be a bit expensive for those who do not require the performance of the entire server. VPS hosting provides allocated resources at a price that is in between dedicated servers and shared hosting, which makes it very popular with customers.

Since VPS hosting has become quite popular over recent years, it is of no surprise that SingHost has taken such a concrete step to strengthening their VPS products and marketing efforts. They have the technology and they possess the service quality that users are in search of. For them, it is now just about getting their message out in the best way possible.

In a recent interview after she joined the SingHost team, Kerry talked about the immediate future of the company and particularly of SingHost’s VPS division. “I will be looking to initiate some really out-of-the-box marketing techniques to reach out to potential users around the world. One area that we see growing tremendously is the blog shops in Singapore, which has revenues of over S$129 million annually. After all these years that I have been working, I have personally seen that out-of-the-box marketing is something that can really make a difference, and gets a lot of results.”

SingHost has announced that they will be coming out with several new hosting packages. By focusing its efforts on its VPS division, SingHost will look to improve upon its service levels, product satisfaction, and attract more customers.

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