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United Domains Announces 1 Million New gTLD Pre-Registrations

January 17
12:20 2013

Web Hosting NewsCambridge, MA – United Domains, Inc. announces 1 million pre-registrations made through its New Generic Top-Level Domain (New gTLD) Pre-Registration Program. The program gives everyone the opportunity to pre-register over 120 new gTLDs including .WEB, .SITE and .SHOP. New gTLDs will open up new opportunities to register domain names no longer available in the traditional .COM namespace.

“We’re obviously thrilled about our one millionth new gTLD pre-registration,” says Florian Huber, CEO of United Domains, “This milestone shows huge public interest in the next innovative wave of domain names.”

With 1917 applications currently submitted, ICANN is expected to launch the first strings later this year. Leading global companies like Amazon and Google have applied for dozens of extensions including .APP to .FILM.

ICANN’s New gTLD Program will expand the Internet namespace by giving users the opportunity to register domains in niche topics ranging from hobbies (i.e.: .RUGBY, .BLOG) to cities (i.e.: .NYC, .BERLIN).

The United Domains New gTLD Pre-Registration Program gives customers the opportunity to reserve unique new gTLDs (i.e.: Ultimately customers will have a better chance at registering a new gTLD once the string becomes available for registration.

Top Ten Most Popular New gTLDs

1. .web
2. .shop
3. .site
4. .hotel
5. .music
6. .nyc
7. .film
8. .eco
9. .berlin
10. .sport

About United Domains
Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United Domains is a domain registrar with over a decade of expertise in domain name registration, offering over 270 top-level domains worldwide. As the US office of one of the leading domain registrars in Europe, United Domains supports over 1.5 million domain names for more than 250,000 clients. The United Domains Group includes United Domains Inc. (Cambridge, MA) and the ICANN accredited registrar united-domains AG (Starnberg, Germany). For more information, please visit

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