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Technology that Makes VPS Hosting Work

December 17
12:55 2012

Technology that Makes VPS Hosting WorkWeb Hosting News – VPS is a technology that allows your business to distribute the cost of a hosting server with others that are using the same server. One aspect that makes this technology so effective is virtualization. A server for your hosting account is one part of a virtual machine with its own environment.

Private Resources
Resources that are assigned to your account are not available to other users. This means hardware used on the server are a resource that will be dedicated for your VPS account. Your business will keep these resources for as long as the account is maintained.

Shared Components
The server used for your hosting account may include multiple pieces of hardware. You do not own the hardware available for your account. You will be allocated certain disk space, processor speed, memory and bandwidth that are managed by a hypervisor or virtual machine manager.

Virtual Account Manager
This is software that is used to separate your account from others on the hosting server. The software is a type of control panel that manages the virtual environment for your account. All the requests that come from the virtual server are then translated and mapped to the physical server.

Root Access
Access to the core directory for the virtual server is available as it would on a physical server. You may access the core directory to delete unneeded files, install programs and make any changes necessary to complete a specific task. Root access is not available if you have shared web hosting. This allows your business to have more control of how you use your hosting account.
Additional Information
The benefit of a dedicated server is that resources are available is a private virtualized space that is less expensive than paying for a dedicated server. If you have any questions about a VPS solution to use for your business, then contact us at Atlantic.Net for more information.

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