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Lithium Hosting Web Host Interview

Lithium Hosting Web Host Interview
December 04
17:20 2012

What is your name and position with Lithium Hosting?
T.J. Siedsma, I am the owner and Sys Admin

Please tell us the year established and brief history of Lithium Hosting?
Lithium Hosting was established in 2006.  It all started with a side project, hosting accounts for friends and the rest is history.

What do you offer your customers that are unique to your company?
Lithium Hosting has always offered a more personal touch to the support we give our customers.  Instead of having

What is the most challenging aspect to offering Web Hosting?
The competition… There’s always someone offering similar services for a better price, so you have to compete on different levels.

What is it that makes Lithium Hosting a competitive company in the Web Hosting market?
Customer service and our $1.00 / month plan.  People love the personal touch, we can be reached via AIM / Skype / MSN and GTalk.  Also, the $1.00 / month plan is our #1 seller.  It’s so cheap, people can’t resist.

What new features have Lithium Hosting added for its customers in the past year?
We’ve made hosting more secure and we’ve made it easier for our customers to install software and configure Google Apps.

What would you say is Lithium Hosting #1 asset to its customer base?
Communication is our #1 asset.  We’re always available to chat via numerous means.  We also communicate service status via Twitter and Facebook to keep our customers in the know.

Where do you see Lithium Hosting and the web hosting industry in three years?
That is a tough question, the hosting industry is constantly evolving and adapting to new industry requirements and customer needs.  Lithium Hosting will be here in 3 years ready to provide our customers with the best experience in Web Hosting!

How many customers do you currently have?

Who are some of your famous clients?
Sorry, we respect our client’s privacy and don’t share that information

Do you own your own datacenter?
No, we use Softlayer

Where are they located?
Dallas, Seattle, Washington DC and Amsterdam

Do you offer 24/7 support?
Not currently.  In the 6+ years we’ve been in business, it hasn’t been truly necessary.

Do you have technicians present 24/7 or 9-5 M-F?
6am – 11pm CST.

What is your average turn-around time on a support ticket?
During support hours, 30 minutes or less (better than your local pizza guy)

Do you charge your clients for support?  If so, please explain.
Support is free, if a customer needs something special that isn’t server related, we may require a one-time support incident fee.  We’ve sold less than a dozen over the last couple of years, so most things we just take care of.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes of course, 30-days from sign-up for new customers.  We also offer a 30-day free trial, so you pretty much get 60 days if you need it.

Thank you for your time and insight into Lithium Hosting.

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