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Colocation options make third-party data centers and the cloud ideal for stock trading companies.

Colocation options make third-party data centers and the cloud ideal for stock trading companies.
December 17
12:57 2012

It’s part of the same reason that SMBs look to migrating hardware and enterprise services to the cloud: scalability, more efficiencies and the opportunity to share ‘rack space’ and bandwidth; and, reason enough for Wall Street to be eyeing the same advantages.

According to a post on the Wall Street Technology website, “Are Wall Street Firms Looking to Third-Party Data Centers to Take Advantage of Efficient Cloud Computing?” the Street is being driving by a slump in trading volumes, making the economy of scale offered by data centers more cost efficient, and the prospects of the Cloud ideal for Stock Trading.

In fact, trading volume has fallen into the abyss with “volumes declining 40 percent since 2008,” decimating transaction fees and that equals less money to throw into infrastructure” and all-things related to running a business.

“…Wall Street firms, including brokers…are deploying a variety of applications within third-party data centers…to take advantage of cloud computing and its cost efficiencies.”

Consolidation seems to be taking hold throughout the trading business as financial service organizations look to aggregators of data as a way to share in costs as volumes and fees continue their dips and valleys.

When it comes to finding the right hosting company, many of these financial firms are looking at the benefits of colocation in an effort to scale data usage to their ongoing demand. Too, other services are being packaged in the hosting facilities cloud, such as Software as Service (SaaS).

In short, firms can simply rent services and any licenses on demand from the hosting company, and pay to “access high-speed market data feeds,” plus access storage that meets regulatory compliance requirements.

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