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CloudLinux Announces Partnership with VinaCIS for Vietnamese Distribution

October 26
11:33 2012

Web Hosting NewsPrinceton, NJ – CloudLinux (, developer of the only operating system optimized for shared hosting services, announced today that Vietnamese distributor VinaCIS is the company’s exclusive partner in the Vietnamese marketplace. For web hosting providers and shared hosting users in Vietnam, this presents an opportunity to make shared hosting plans more stable, dependable, and profitable.

“We are happy to announce that we have chosen VinaCIS as our Vietnamese partner,” says Igor Seletskiy, founder and CEO of CloudLinux. “We are confident in VinaCIS’s ability to market the CloudLinux OS to this rapidly growing area of the web hosting industry, and with the support we offer our partners, we strive to make CloudLinux an attractive, beneficial, and affordable solution for Vietnam’s web hosting providers.”

CloudLinux is an operating system (OS) that makes the popular Linux kernel more suitable for the specific demands of shared web hosting plans. To date, CloudLinux is the only Linux distribution offering account isolation for shared hosting, ensuring that traffic spikes and resource usage by one user do not affect the performance of other accounts on the same hardware. In addition, CloudLinux allows web hosting providers to define a finite amount of system resources, such as RAM and CPU, to each shared web hosting account. This means that customers can depend on access to the hardware power they require to maintain website performance, while hosting providers can more confidently fill their servers with the maximum number of accounts, without compromising performance.

“Since we launched CloudLinux, more and more hosting providers have seen the benefits of using our distribution for their Linux shared hosting services,” says Seletskiy. “CloudLinux actively increases profits by allowing hosting companies to use their hardware to maximum capacity, while attracting more customers with improved reliability and performance. By joining us as partners, VinaCIS is now able to market CloudLinux with our assistance and sell solutions to web hosting providers in Vietnam.”

VinaCIS is a specialty provider of services for corporations, data centers, and web hosting providers in a range of localities, including Vietnam. Some of the most popular solutions offered by VinaCIS are anti-spam software, virtualization software, and automation software to reduce the administrative workload of hosting providers. Recently, VinaCIS became the exclusive distributor of Parallels software in Vietnam, helping the firm promote the adoption of cloud services and virtualization within the Vietnamese industry. Now, as a partner of CloudLinux, VinaCIS will receive additional support to stimulate the sale of licenses. The CloudLinux partner program gives distributors marketing support, including sales copy and branding logos. Partners can also take advantage of preferential pricing, with a discount of 40% given to partners with five or more servers.

“CloudLinux continues to see impressive growth and adoption in the global web hosting industry,” says Seletskiy. “Our goal is to bring our operating system to even more shared hosting providers around the world. By finding the most capable distributors and giving them the assistance they need to maximize their sales as partners, we want as many hosting providers as possible to see just how stable and dependable their shared web hosting plans can be.”

As CloudLinux partners with VinaCIS and other distributors, CloudLinux can use local insights and expertise to deliver the most appropriate solutions to web hosting providers. With a one-of-a-kind product that transforms the way shared hosting works, CloudLinux is set to become a mainstay of hosting in every corner of the globe.

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About CloudLinux
CloudLinux was founded in 2009 to address the distinctive needs of web hosting providers. The company’s headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey, and its development team, which is composed of employees with an appreciable proficiency in the hosting business, is based in Donetsk, Ukraine. CloudLinux is a stable, privately funded company geared toward providing the ideal OS to make even the most intricate and divergent hosting needs more straightforward. The company’s flagship OS is optimized to help hosting providers deliver more stable shared hosting services with account isolation and resource allocation on an OS level.

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