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Vodien Web Hosting Introduces Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Systems

August 02
12:27 2012

Web Hosting NewsSingapore – Online security is a must when it comes to hosting websites. This is a fact since there are a lot of unscrupulous hackers and spammers that are lurking in the Internet world. Moreover, millions of viruses are crawling online in wait for systems that can be infected. When it comes to web hosting, online security is critical in Vodien’s philosophy, since the hosting company is committed to following up with the latest technology in anti-hacking, anti-spamming and anti-virus programs.

“When it comes to our client’s website information, we are always on our toes with our systems since we don’t want to compromise any detailed and confidential information,” according to Jervis Lee, Vodien’s sales coordinator. Moreover, according to Jervis, “our online transactions, such as our checkout process, are secured with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates.”

The anti-spam and anti-virus programs aim to secure websites so that they are protected from malicious activity. Vodien has a proprietary technology, SiteSentry, that informs clients whenever their website has changed without their knowledge. This means that client’s can sleep well during at night.

Taking into account that in the online world, the latest viruses are constantly being spread and this is why Vodien puts so much emphasis on keeping up with the latest anti-virus and anti-spam programs. In fact, Vodien makes sure that these programs are top-of-the-line, since website security is such an important issue. Furthermore, client queries, with regards to security or any other support issues, are promptly answered. With their 24/7 customer support, website owners can easily contact the support team of Vodien and hosting queries are answered back almost immediately.

This is the reason why when it comes to website security, Vodien’s clients are assured since they know that the hosting company is constantly looking out for the best in online security for their clients.

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