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Cirrus Tech Deploys ThreatSTOP Across Entire Hosting Network

April 12
10:02 2012

Web Host NewsToronto, Ontario – Cirrus Tech Ltd., a Canadian web hosting company specializing in VPS, VM and cloud hosting services, announces the deployment of ThreatSTOP across its entire network. ThreatSTOP is an IP reputation based service that protects networks from criminal malware attacks by enabling firewalls to block both inbound and outbound traffic in the interest of preventing the theft of valuable data. All Cirrus customers now have this additional layer of protection working for them.

“Cyber-criminals are often more sophisticated than their victims. Innovative companies like Cirrus recognize this and are taking action,” says Tom Byrnes, CEO of ThreatSTOP. “The threats affect everyone on the Internet. ‘Advanced Persistent Threats’ can only be caught and stopped by collaborative defence, which ThreatSTOP provides. By using ThreatSTOP, Cirrus stops the bad guys in their tracks.”

Cirrus now has ThreatSTOP up and running across their network, protecting all their web hosting customers from botnet, worm and other malware attacks. Organized criminal organizations use malware to steal highly sensitive and valuable data. It’s one of the most serious and widespread online security problems faced by organizations today. ThreatSTOP informs firewalls about threats in real-time and enables networks to automatically stop any incoming or outgoing traffic from known malware sites. This cloud based system prevents theft by ensuring there are no firewall or network holes where malicious malware can slip through undetected.

“Online security is a major concern for any business,” shares Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi. “By bringing the ThreatSTOP security system into our safety infrastructure, our web hosting customers are safer than ever. At Cirrus, we are proactive in protecting our network. When it comes to security, a dose of prevention goes a long way to keeping data safe.”

About ThreatSTOP
ThreatSTOP is the creator of ThreatSTOP Botnet Defense Cloud, a cloud service using IP reputation that protects networks against botnets and criminal malware. ThreatSTOP enables firewalls to block outbound “call homes” to command and control hosts as well as incoming attacks. It prevents data theft, increases network “goodput”, and reduces network load and attack surface. Updated in real-time and automatically distributed via DNS to firewalls, ThreatSTOP is deployed on customers’ existing firewalls and can be activated within an hour without any network reconfigurations, retraining or manual updates.

About Cirrus Hosting
Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been a leader in providing affordable, dependable VHS and VPS hosting services in Canada since 1999. They have hosted and supported hundreds of thousands of websites and applications for Canadian businesses and clients around the world. As a BBB member with an A+ rating, Cirrus Tech is a top-notch Canadian web hosting company with professional support, rigorous reliability and easily upgradable VPS solutions that grow right alongside your business.

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