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ServInt Previews Pricing Structure for Cloud-Based Java Hosting Platform – Jelastic Under Strong Beta Demand

ServInt Previews Pricing Structure for Cloud-Based Java Hosting Platform – Jelastic Under Strong Beta Demand
February 16
11:33 2012

Web Hosting NewsMcLean, VAServInt, a pioneering provider of managed hosting for enterprises worldwide, today announced the pricing methodology behind Jelastic, its soon-to-be-released, cloud-based Java development platform.

Jelastic is unique in that it is the first true pay-as-you-go, platform-as-a-service Java development environment that requires no special coding for applications developed inside its environment. With Jelastic, users simply click a button to set up auto-scaling Java applications in seconds. No installation or configuration is needed, as Jelastic automatically installs, configures and interconnects server instances with selected software stacks. No API coding is required, and Jelastic is compatible with a wide range of industry-standard software stacks.

Typical cloud cost structures that pervade the market today are based on a “per-machine” pricing model that requires planning and constant monitoring. In contrast, Jelastic will launch using an auto-scaling model in which customers pay for actual memory and CPU consumed by the Java app, referred to as a “near-utility” model. Jelastic runs on metered “cloudlets,” a term that ServInt defines as 128MB RAM and ~200 MHz CPU core. This dynamic pricing means that an application can minimize costs during periods of slow user activity and maximize speed, efficiency and uptime during peak – both without customer intervention. ServInt will launch Jelastic with a cloudlet-hour price of only two cents per hour.

“Combining Jelastic’s cutting-edge technology with ServInt’s 17 years of hosting know-how has put us on a path to provide great things for our customers,” said ServInt COO Christian Dawson. “We think the near-utility approach we’re taking with Jelastic on pricing and provisioning is going to break the platform-as-a-service industry wide open. The product is miles ahead of its competitors on technological features, and now we’re adding game-changing, customer-friendly pricing to the mix. Jelastic is a truly revolutionary cloud product, and we can’t wait to bring it to market in March.”

Jelastic COO Dmitry Sotnikov said, “Jelastic has changed most of the assumptions that used to be taken for granted in the PaaS industry by allowing developers to get their applications up and running with a hoster of their choice, in a matter of minutes, with no code changes required. Now we are taking it a step further – announcing real utility pricing, automated vertical scalability, and upcoming commercial launch with our hosting partners around the world.”

Jelastic has been in beta testing with ServInt customers since November 2011, and has enjoyed extremely strong growth during that time. ServInt will continue to offer the product at no cost until the March launch date, at which point all users will enjoy a two-week extension of their free beta, followed by official commencement of their paid service. New customers joining after official launch will benefit from the same free two-week trial period prior to converting to paid service.

About Jelastic
Jelastic, Inc., a startup company based in Palo Alto, Calif., makes the Java server hosting platform for developers and hosting service providers. Jelastic is the only PaaS offering designed specifically for hosting service providers to deploy and make available to their customers. Jelastic automatically scales Java applications and allocates server resources required by applications, thus delivering the true next generation Java cloud computing. You can learn more about Jelastic or sign-up for the service at

About ServInt
ServInt is a pioneering provider of high-reliability, managed hosting for enterprises worldwide. ServInt was founded in Northern Virginia in 1995 as one of the first hosting companies to offer a Managed Dedicated Server solution. From multiple world-class data centers, ServInt now provides its scalable suite of VPS and Managed Dedicated Server packages to thousands of customers in more than 100 countries. To learn more about ServInt’s hosting solutions, please call 1-800-573-7846 or visit

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