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Panduit Enhances Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution

January 23
09:39 2012

Panduit NewsTINLEY PARK, Ill. – Panduit announces the launch of its Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) Software Platform Version 4.4, which extends Panduit’s data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution. Working with PanView iQ™ (PViQ™) System Hardware and industry standard third-party DCIM devices, the PIM™ Software Platform provides continuous, local, and remote visibility of connectivity, power usage, asset tracking and utilization, and environmental conditions throughout the data center and enterprise.

Panduit’s PIM™ Software Platform is a comprehensive DCIM solution, which provides data center professionals improved staff productivity and visibility of all data center assets along with their connectivity, locations, and relationships. PIM™ solutions enable IT and data center management to discover, visualize, model, control, report, and manage physical data center assets, including the ability to deploy new assets and to plan capacity for future growth. PIM™ solutions also help control energy costs, reduce risks and increase operational efficiency.

The PIM™ Software Platform Version 4.4 features the new PIM™ Advanced Dashboards and Reports Module, which provide deeper visibility into operational metrics that include critical parameters needed to manage a data center – power, space, connectivity, and asset tracking – through a number of pre-defined dashboards and reports. “With this set of enhancements, PIM™ users are able to define custom dashboards and reports using an extensive array of data visualization components such as gauges, charts, and dials,” said Alex Gordy, Panduit Vice President of Intelligent Solutions. “This module filters data in real-time to refine or isolate the data set as needed, allowing data center managers to instantly access, analyze, and drill down through a wealth of information on data center and enterprise IT assets for effective decision-making.”

Innovative global companies manage their physical infrastructure using Panduit’s DCIM solution. “At Cabela’s, we are implementing Panduit’s PIM™ software to gain visibility into the layer 1 physical infrastructure at our retail stores, track network connected assets, and facilitate moves, adds and changes remotely,” says Tom Dorwart, Enterprise Technology Center Manager, Cabela’s.

Benefits of PIM™ software solutions include elimination of spreadsheets and manual asset tracking processes, which are time consuming to maintain and quickly out-of-date. The PIM™ Software Platform power solution enables power measurement and threshold monitoring of temperature and humidity levels within a data center and the extended enterprise. PIM™ connectivity solutions capture and record changes in network connectivity automatically and graphically display them in near-real time.

The PIM™ Software Platform is part of Panduit’s Unified Physical InfrastructureSM (UPI)-based Intelligent Data Center Solutions, which embody the next wave of systems integration and risk management by aligning and harmonizing critical systems to support the delivery of secure, energy-efficient, always-on, real-time data and services. The key pillars of Panduit’s Intelligent Data Center Solution include Data Center Advisory Services, Energy Efficient Cabinets, Pre-Configured Infrastructures, High Speed Data Transport Copper and Fiber Cabling Systems, Intelligent PIM™ Software and PViQ™ System Hardware.

Visit to learn how the PIM™ Software Platform’s real-time information can provide operational and energy efficiencies for the data center and entire enterprise.

About Panduit
Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help customers optimize the physical infrastructure through simplification, agility and operational efficiency. Panduit’s Unified Physical InfrastructureSM (UPI) based solutions give enterprises the capabilities to connect, manage and automate communications, computing, power, control and security systems for a smarter, unified business foundation. Strong relationships with technology leaders complemented with its global staff and unmatched service and support, make Panduit a valuable and trusted partner.

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