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Parallels Launches Automation for Cloud Infrastructure

September 27
08:30 2011

Web Host NewsRENTON, Wash. & SINGAPORE – Parallels® the hosting and Cloud services enablement leader, announced the availability of Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure (PACI), a fully-scalable solution for service providers to deliver Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to small and medium businesses (SMBs). PACI is a complete, turn-key Cloud infrastructure solution and provides total hosting control, from provisioning and billing to self-service management and security. Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure is ready-to-deploy on any hardware platform, and also provides an integrated management panel that enables IT professionals to create, scale and manage Cloud-hosted infrastructure, virtual datacenters and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. The announcement coincides with Parallels APAC Summit, an annual gathering of the leading hosting and Cloud industry players, being held in Singapore through 25 September.

“Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure provides the key features and functionality that enables us to deliver the widest range of hosted services – from virtualization storefronts to in-demand Cloud applications – helping us stay ahead of the competition and compete more effectively and profitably in the Cloud”
PACI offers the powerful capabilities to immediately launch Cloud infrastructure services and generate revenue, and with the flexibility to select virtualization technologies (with Parallels Server Bare Metal or third party virtualization technologies). PACI is based on a modular architecture, giving service providers a choice to deploy the complete solution or select components which can be integrated with existing solutions. For example, service providers could use PACI’s billing service or online store, or integrate PACI with their existing billing solutions, e-commerce platforms and other services.

“Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure enables service providers to deliver a wide range of Cloud infrastructure services to meet the diverse needs of SMBs,” said Birger Steen, CEO, Parallels. “Helping the thousands of Parallels’ service provider partners profitably capitalize on the exploding market of Cloud IaaS was our main goal, and I’m pleased with the feedback we are getting from the early adopters.”

Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure offers a depth of capabilities, including:

– Elastic scalability, plus use-based pricing: PACI offers the flexibility to grow or shrink resources instantly as demands increase or decrease. Use-based pricing enables hosting customers to only pay for what they use, creating an appealing value proposition for price-conscious small and medium businesses seeking to migrate internal IT resources to Cloud-based data centers and applications.
– A simple user interface—plus access to APIs: PACI’s easy-to-use interface is simple to learn regardless of a user’s level of technical skills. Yet, it’s also robust enough for advanced developers, with easily-accessible APIs for programmatic control over the entire hosting environment. PACI also includes built-in business logic parameters that can be tailored to the specific needs of each service provider.
– Self-service provisioning and administration: Extensive automation in PACI lets customers easily provision their own Cloud services by simply clicking on-screen panels. Administration is also simplified, as customers can grow or shrink Cloud resources, load-balance across multiple virtual machines or containers, and protect their sites and networks with firewalls and other security features. These features and other operations can be automated across multiple virtual environments.
– Access to a robust ecosystem of complimentary infrastructure services, such as CloudFlare for fully-managed Content Delivery Network (CDN) capabilities, and Scality for Cloud storage management. These and other complimentary solutions enable Parallels partners to offer a complete suite of in-demand, revenue-generating infrastructure services to their SMB customers.
– “Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure provides the key features and functionality that enables us to deliver the widest range of hosted services – from virtualization storefronts to in-demand Cloud applications – helping us stay ahead of the competition and compete more effectively and profitably in the Cloud,” said Jason Frisch, CEO of Tsukaeru, a fast growing, full-service hosting firm that’s implemented Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure in their data center.

World-Class, Flexible Virtualization for Cloud Infrastructure with Parallels Server Bare Metal

The new version of Parallels Server Bare Metal (PSBM 5.0) is fully integrated with PACI, combining Parallels Virtuozzo Containers together with world-class hypervisor technology. This powerful combination of virtualization capabilities gives service providers maximum server density plus the flexibility to select their virtualization technology of choice for building and managing their Cloud infrastructure. PSBM provides superior operational efficiency and reliability, while reducing maintenance time and deployment risk with a single solution to deploy either flavor of virtualization.

PSBM 5.0 also includes the latest release of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux (PVCfL v4.7), the industry’s #1 high-density virtualization technology, which delivers maximum performance and cost efficiency. PVCfL 4.7 is based on the latest Red Hat Linux 6 kernel, and features a new memory management scheme and full support for IPv6.

Service Providers can currently order Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure by contacting Parallels Sales, or for more information, can visit the Parallels Cloud Services website at

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