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ASPnix Announces Launch of Full Dedicated Server Product Line

August 31
09:14 2011

Hosting NewsDenver, CO – ASPnix has just announced the launch of their full dedicated server product line. ASPnix has long been known for their reliable Windows hosting platform, using the most up-to-date and highest quality technology and equipment keeps their web hosting service fast and dependable. ASPnix utilizes two datacenters, one in Broomfield Colorado and one in Nurnberg, Bavaria, Germany, allowing them to provide reliable web hosting to customers worldwide. ASPnix takes pride in the fact that they own every piece of hardware, giving them full control over all server operations and system configurations.

Webmasters that are ready to move to a dedicated server will be excited to learn about the ASPnix launch of a full dedicated server product line. Using a dedicated server provides many additional benefits to webmasters. Flexibility and security that just isn’t possible on shared web hosting accounts, opens up a whole new world of possibilities to serious webmasters. Every dedicated server at ASPnix comes with a pre-installed Windows Server operating system and the hardware configurations needed to get started right away. Webmasters that are running high traffic websites that will need powerful applications requiring custom installation and configuration can choose a dedicated managed server to meet all these requirements.

The ASPnix dedicated servers are from industry leaders like Intel and Supermicro. For the webmaster that doesn’t want to use the Windows operating system, ASPnix will install any operating system that the webmaster chooses. The Windows Server 2008 R2 includes the SmarterTools Bundle, but other popular operating systems include CentOS, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, and Debian. Because of the large amount of RAM included on every server, ASPnix installs only 64 bit versions of each operating system. Services included with every ASPnix server includes: 2-hour emergency response, free internal traffic, unlimited IP addresses, root/admin full access, forward/reverse DNS, remote power control, and a 100% uptime service level agreement.

The ASPnix hardware for dedicated servers include the Intel Xeon X3440 and Intel Xeon E5620

with Lynnfield 2.53 GHz and Westmere 2.4 GHz processing speeds. Processors include DDR3 memory between 8 and 24 GB, depending on the individual dedicated server purchased. The ASPnix hard drives are either 2×500 GB SATA H-RAID 1 or 4×1000 GB SATA H-RAID 10. The network connection is a dual gigabit connection and allows unlimited network transfer. Webmasters that need any specific requirements are welcome to contact ASPnix directly, as they are always happy to meet individual customer requirements whenever possible.

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