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OnApp Launches New Version Of Cloud Management Software For Hosts

July 25
07:26 2011

Web Host NewsLONDON, UK – OnApp has launched version 2.2 of its cloud management software for hosting providers. The new version introduces features that, until now, have only been available from hugely more complex and expensive cloud service providers, and out of reach of a typical mass-market host and its customers.

Version 2.2 of OnApp introduces autoscaling and load balancing for virtual machines hosted in the cloud, as well as support for the Free BSD operating system. The new version is available now to hosting providers, and can be set up in as little as 24 hours. Existing OnApp customers can request a free upgrade through their OnApp support team.

“This is a major release of OnApp cloud management software, and big news for the hosting market,” said Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of OnApp. “Our mission is to make the cloud as simple and affordable as possible for all hosting providers, without compromising on high-end functionality. By introducing autoscaling and load balancing we’re bringing cutting-edge cloud features to the mass market for the first time, and enabling even a small host to compete with the likes of AWS – but in a customer-friendly way, and at a fraction of the cost.”

In April 2011 that there were 500 global public clouds, according to an estimate from hosting industry analysts, The 451 Group. Today OnApp software powers well over 400 clouds for hosting providers around the world. OnApp believes it is the clear market leader in this sector.

Highlight features of OnApp version 2.2
OnApp software was developed from the ground up to enable mass-market hosts to build their own cloud hosting services. Version 2.2 includes:

Autoscaling: OnApp 2.2 supports ‘autoscale up’ and ‘autoscale out’ for virtual machines based on Linux operating systems. These features have never before been available to hosting providers at an affordable price point, or to cloud hosting customers without the technical knowledge required to operate complex cloud services from vendors such as Amazon. OnApp 2.2 provides these capabilities as standard through an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage graphical control panel:

• ‘Autoscale up’ enables a virtual machine hosted in the cloud to requisition more server resource automatically when it reaches a configurable threshold. This helps maintain performance for applications hosted in the cloud. For example, an application can automatically add more compute or storage capability when peaks of user activity reduce free resources to a certain level, and release it again when activity returns to normal.
• ‘Autoscale out’ clones a virtual machine when similar thresholds are met. For example, an e-commerce website might clone itself in order to balance transactions across more than one physical server. This would help improve availability and performance for online shoppers.

OnApp 2.2 handles the autoscaling process transparently, and automatically calculates billing for the additional resources.

Load balancing: OnApp 2.2’s load balancing features are powered by, a leading provider of load balancing technology. Load balancing enables the cloud to support clusters of virtual machines that present themselves to users as a single website or application. Traffic is distributed across all virtual machines in the cluster, improving performance and resilience for cloud end users. Load balancing is managed through OnApp’s graphical control panel in just a few clicks.

FreeBSD support: OnApp 2.2 also adds support for virtual machines based on the FreeBSD operating system, a Linux-based OS that offers advanced networking, performance, security and compatibility features. OnApp-powered clouds support an unrivalled range of Windows and Linux operating systems for virtual machines, in 32- and 64-bit flavours. This enables hosting providers to offer far greater choice to their customers in the applications they are able to move to the cloud.

A list of all new features, improvements and fixes in OnApp 2.2 is available at

About OnApp
OnApp is the leading provider of cloud management software for the hosting industry. OnApp software creates cloud infrastructure from any commodity hardware; provides rich out-of-the-box functionality for server, storage, VM, user, failover and billing management; has a high density design to maximize a host’s margins; and integrates with leading hosting applications including WHMCS, Ubersmith and HostBill.

OnApp launched in July 2010 after two years of development. Today OnApp powers well over 400 clouds at some 300 hosting providers around the world. OnApp has 70 staff across the EU and US, and can be found online at

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