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NTT America Deploys Bloom Energy Servers Running on Renewable Biogas at San Jose Data Center

July 29
10:05 2011

Web Host NewsNEW YORK – NTT America, a global infrastructure services provider and wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, announced today that it has deployed Bloom Energy Servers at its Lundy Data Center in San Jose, Calif., through NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corporation, a core firm that performs global data center operations in NTT Communications Group.

As part of several broad energy efficiency initiatives, NTT America continually monitors advancements in energy conservation technologies and chose Bloom Energy’s proven fuel cell technology, running on directed biogas, as the best choice to minimize its carbon footprint and decrease the amount of electricity pulled from the public grid, while at the same time reducing operating costs. The Bloom Energy Servers are connected to a natural gas pipeline, and utilize biogas from a California dairy farm to generate electricity on-site.

• NTT America’s initial deployment consists of five Bloom Energy Servers, with a total capacity of 500kW (kilowatts), or approximately the baseline required to power 500 average homes or five 30,000 square-foot office buildings.
• NTT America will produce over 4.2 million kilowatt-hours annually, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1.6 million pounds, the equivalent to planting approximately 4,000 trees each year.
• As part of NTT America’s energy efficiency initiatives, the fuel cell option reduces the dependency on the public electric grid, minimizing the company’s carbon footprint by using renewable fuels.
• The fuel cells at the NTT America data center utilize renewable biogas, additionally reducing the carbon footprint through decreased dependency on fossil fuels.
• Distributed generation means electricity is generated where it will be used, allowing NTT America to reduce the amount of energy loss due to transmission across power lines, increasing efficiency and trimming costs.
• NTT America’s energy efficiency initiatives include hot aisle/cold aisle server rack design, aisle containment solutions, high efficiency computer room air conditioner (CRAC) cooling systems, distributed electricity generation and dynamic temperature sensor/control technology.

“As one of the major data center operators in the world, we recognize the importance of energy efficiency and the need for distributed generation and use of clean fuels. Equally important is our enterprise customers’ interest in, and support of, energy efficiency both from the environmental and cost reduction avenues. As a key driver for the future of the data center, NTT America will continue to evaluate, support and deploy technologies that can be environmentally sound and cost effective for our customers,” said Kazuhiro Gomi, president and CEO of NTT America.

“NTT America, like Bloom Energy, understands the importance of a clean and reliable data center solution,” said Bill Thayer, executive vice president of sales and service for Bloom Energy. “We applaud their innovative approach to sustainability, and their commitment to delivering the best choice for their customers and the environment.”

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NTT America is North America’s natural gateway to the Asia-Pacific region, with strong capabilities in the U.S. market. NTT America is the U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, the global data and IP services arm of a Fortune Global 500 telecom leader: Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (NTT). NTT America provides world-class Enterprise Hosting, managed network, and IP networking services for enterprise customers and service providers worldwide. For additional information on NTT America, visit us on the Web at

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