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Steadfast Networks Launches New Cloud Platform

June 07
08:20 2011

Hosting NewsChicago, IL – Steadfast Networks, a leading Chicago-based hosting provider specializing in colocation services and dedicated server hosting, announced today their powerful new cloud hosting solution, the Steadfast Cloud Platform. This highly customizable cloud platform service offers all the major strengths of deploying your applications “in the cloud,” with the attractive ability to instantly increase or decrease your allocated system resources at any time.

“Everybody here at Steadfast Networks is incredibly proud to finally offer the Steadfast Cloud Platform to the industry,” says Karl Zimmerman, CEO of Steadfast Networks. “We understand that our customers need the flexibility of cloud hosting with the control of dedicated hardware. With this new service, we are able to provide a reliable cloud hosting solution that scales all the way from hobbyists to enterprise-grade solutions.”

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The Steadfast Cloud Platform utilizes Xen-based Virtual Machines utilizing the OnApp platform to offer a completely isolated operating system you can use to run your business, be it cloud web hosting for your online presence, software development, or running applications. These Virtual Machines are highly secure, and the cloud hosting service offered by Steadfast offers allocated system resources of 500mhz CPU and 512MB RAM on each Virtual Machine as a starting point. But as businesses grow and their demand for hardware power fluctuates, customers can effortlessly increase the resources on their Virtual Machine, or add more VMs with their own custom specification. Whether customers are looking to run VMs as a private network for internal use, as a public network for web hosting and application deployment, or as part of an existing dedicated server or colocation system, Steadfast Networks is committed to providing unrivalled flexibility with how businesses use the Steadfast Cloud Platform.

“In essence, we are today launching a hybrid platform, allowing customers to use Virtual Machines within a public or private cloud and as part of an existing dedicated server or colocation solution. We provide businesses with a range of options to tailor the cloud hosting solution they have been looking for, fully compatible with their existing network setup,” says Zimmerman. “In addition, we offer a large, diverse range of software and a simple, hassle-free resource allocation process, which gives our customers the control over their servers that they have been craving. We are not in the business of charging people for what they don’t use, or might only use for one hour a month – our mission here is simply to give people what they want, when they want it.”

The result is a cloud platform that is highly customizable in an instant. As the requirements of hosted businesses change and develop over time, they can easily add additional hardware resources to their account, which can be deployed as new Virtual Machines or added to the spec of a Virtual Machine that is already in use. This allows customers to divide up the service they are paying for in a way that suits their individual needs, as opposed to a catch-all solution, where a hosting provider has attempted to second-guess what customers might be looking for. The Steadfast Cloud Platform embraces the concept of cloud web hosting in its truest form – hardware resources and software options available on demand, to be increased and decreased as necessary and only paid for if and when they are used.

“We firmly believe that the Steadfast Cloud Platform is the customizable solution that the industry has been looking for,” says Zimmerman. “With our hourly billing process, we are able to offer a product that we are extremely proud of at a price point that is extremely competitive. We hope that this gives customers the freedom to expand their network scale without dramatically increasing their overhead and try new ways of conducting their business without the risk of wasted resources.”

With the Steadfast Cloud Platform, Steadfast Networks has managed to create a cloud hosting solution that lets customers engineer the solution that they want to use instead of preconfigured cloud hosting solutions often found in the market. It is a product that, with such versatile scalability and flexibility, suits businesses of all sizes and encourages companies to grow their businesses to new levels of success. Customers interested in learning more about Steadfast Networks or the Steadfast Cloud Platform, are encouraged to visit

About Steadfast Networks
Established in 1998, Chicago based hosting company Steadfast Networks, delivers high quality, powerful servers through reliable dedicated server hosting, colocation server hosting, virtual private servers, shared web hosting, dedicated game server hosting and a newly launched cloud platform. Steadfast’s award-winning services and dedicated support staff help customers from all over the world 24/7/365. Customers can choose basic hosting or a customized, fully managed dedicated server hosting solution, or a cloud hosting solution that can be scaled up and down over time. Steadfast Networks offers 100% carbon neutral hosting services as an environment-friendly provider.

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