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Private Cloud – How does it help with Privacy, security and compliance?

Private Cloud – How does it help with Privacy, security and compliance?
May 27
12:06 2011

The concept of “Private computer utility” is first described by Douglas Parkhill in his book “Challenge of the Computer Utility” in 1966. The basic though was to directly compare it with other industries and the extensive use of hybrid supply models to balance and mitigate risks. Private cloud basically offers privacy – as it uses private network, security – as you can restrict access & compliance – as there are many vendors provide compliance free solutions. Let’s find out how!


Private cloud is system emulates cloud computing on private network and offers the ability to host applications or virtual machines in a company’s own set of hosts. It is suitable for businesses that are willing to limit the access to that business only. You get the total root access & also you can decide where your data and applications are located & on which server. The businesses that are into finance, insurance may want to keep their data much secure & would like to restrict its access, would definitely go for private cloud hosting.


Most of the businesses choose private cloud because it offers maximum benefits with minimum investment. Safeguarding personal information is most critical especially when your data is located on virtual machines. As private cloud is hosted upon private network it offers 100% uptime. You can do more with less for your unique business requirements as customization is available in private clouds. With other deployment models of cloud, customization is difficult as compared to private cloud. Though private clouds have earned criticism of most from privacy advocates, it is preferred by businesses like government agencies & big IT companies to secure the data in case of critical data management. Companies hosting private cloud can control, monitor & allow communication and data stored virtually between user & host company legally or illegally.


However to obtain compliance with regulations such as FISMA (US), Data Protection Directive (EU) & credit card industries – users may have to obtain expensive & limited beneficial deployment models community or hybrid cloud. For example, Google is now able to manage & meet regulations & additional government policy requirements beyond FISMA. Even for customers in EU contracting with outside vendors have to stick with the EU regulations for data export. Most of the times providers obtain SAS 70 type II certification such as but its not accepted as customized regulation & standards are often not disclosed & can vary extensively. So many providers generally make this information available on request under non disclosure agreement. Many providers offer comprehensive and innovative compliance program that incorporates leading industry practices & help your business use private cloud to achieve business critical objectives.

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