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Extreme Networks Introduces Open Fabric Data Center Architecture

May 12
04:46 2011

Web Hosting ReviewsLAS VEGAS, NV – INTEROP – Extreme Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXTR) today announced the Extreme Networks Open Fabric data center solutions, a portfolio of Cloud-scale data center switches that allow organizations to more cost-effectively build highly scalable, mobile and virtualized networks featuring market leading performance, low latency and energy efficiency. Extreme Networks Open Fabric data center solutions leverage standards-based technologies preserving existing investments while bringing new innovations that drive Cloud-scale networks.

The Extreme Networks Open Fabric data center solution leverages the ExtremeXOS® operating system end-to-end and emphasizes wire-speed switching of Virtual Machines (VMs), intelligence to automate VM mobility through XNV, standards-based, non-blocking high density 10Gbs server connectivity and non-blocking high density 40Gbs fabric interconnect with multi-path forwarding that is also designed to evolve for 100GbE.

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The Extreme Networks Open Fabric data center architecture incorporates standards-based OpenFlow technology to simplify network provisioning and supports Data Center Bridging (DCB) to provide consolidation of LAN and storage fabrics in the data center, including iSCSI and FCoE. Extreme Networks products will be on display at Interop Las Vegas, booth #2051, May 10- 12, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Extreme Networks Open Fabric Data Center Solution:

– BlackDiamond® X8 modular chassis, the market’s first 20 Terabit chassis featuring up to 768 non-blocking 10GbE ports or 192 non-blocking 40GbE ports in 1/3rd rack or 14.5 RU and is designed to evolve to support 100GbE.
– Summit® X670 Top-of-Rack switches with up to 64 ports of wire speed 10 GbE or 48 ports of wire speed 10GbE with modular four ports of wire speed 40GbE uplinks.
– BlackDiamond 8900 high density, 6×40 GbE blades.

“Tomorrow’s network is defined by intelligent switching platforms with the highest capacity, improved energy efficiency and very low latencies,” said Phil Butcher, Head of IT for the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, based in Cambridge, UK. “As our work at Sanger continues to push the envelope of scientific research, we need innovations that allow for smooth virtualization, and much greater connectivity per server rack with a seamless Gigabit to 10 Gigabit server transition.”

“The Extreme Networks Open Fabric data center solution demonstrates our continued innovation in the data center market,” said Shehzad Merchant of Extreme Networks. “As the Cloud ramps in its adoption and services, and as applications and Virtual Machines become more mobile and dynamic, so do the requirements for greatly improved performance and control from the network.”

BlackDiamond X8 Chassis for Cloud-Scale Performance:
The BlackDiamond X8 offers industry breakthroughs with market leading 20 Terabit switching capacity, 1.28Tbps bandwidth per slot, performance of 11.4 Billion packets per second (Bpps), and switching up to 128,000 VMs at wire speed that is designed to evolve to 100 GbE. The modular switch combines industry-leading density in a 1/3 rack, support for virtualization, and impressive energy efficiency at 5 watts per 10GbE port.

The BlackDiamond X8’s low latency of less than 3 micro-seconds and support of N+1 grid redundancy further scale data center build outs. The BlackDiamond X8, equipped with redundant power, redundant management, redundant fabrics, and populated for 768 10GbE interfaces, has list pricing of $1,000 per 10GbE port and $4,000 per 40GbE port, and is expected to begin customer trials in October 2011.

Summit X670 Shines at the Top of Rack:
The Summit X670 series switches are purpose-built, Top-of-Rack (TOR) switches designed to support the cost-effective migration to scalable and energy efficient networks featuring 10 Gigabit Ethernet-attached servers addressing enterprise and cloud data centers. The Summit X670 helps optimize server deployments with its optional, future-proofing 4×40 GbE uplink support and support from existing 1GbE servers to 10 GbE servers.

Extreme Networks has performed compatibility testing on the Summit X70 switches with a number of 10GbE adapters, including the Intel Server Adapter X520. The Summit X670 switch is being demonstrated at Interop, connecting to servers equipped with the Intel Ethernet Server Adapter X520.

“Changes in the data center market, including virtualization, the adoption of unified networking and Cloud computing, combined with increased server computational density enabled by multi-core Intel Xeon processors, is driving the need for dense 10 GbE connectivity,” said Steve Schultz, director of product marketing for Intel’s LAN Access Division. “With its low power requirements, high performance, and support for LAN and SAN traffic, the Intel Ethernet Server Adapter X520 is an excellent complement for 10 Gigabit switches such as these new products from Extreme Networks.”

Extreme Networks Summit X670 switches offer up to 64 ports of high density 10 GbE in 1RU and support up to 448 10 GbE ports in an 8-unit virtual chassis using the SummitStack-V160, delivering up to 160 Gbps stacking bandwidth with distributed forwarding. Extreme Networks Summit X670 TOR switches also offer sub micro-second latency. The Summit X670 switches are expected to be available for shipment in July 2011, with list pricing starting at U.S. $14,995.

“A sweet spot of the Cloud and data center transition will be the migration of virtualized servers from 1GbE to 10GbE, where much denser and highly efficient network architectures are required,” said Jon Oltsik, principal analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group. “With the Extreme Networks Open Fabric, featuring the BlackDiamond X8 and Summit X670 switches, Extreme Networks offers solutions that shift performance dynamics to a whole new level while also addressing what will be a very common need.”

About Extreme Networks, Inc.

Extreme Networks delivers networks for the mobile world. The company’s open network solutions enable a quality user experience, providing a platform for improved business agility. From the converged mobile edge of enterprises to virtualized clouds, and from data centers to global carrier networks that backhaul mobile traffic, Extreme Networks’ extensible services architecture helps set a foundation for mobility, user awareness and faster performance to empower people and machines to connect and move seamlessly. Extreme Networks is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with offices in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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