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Cloud Hosting Checklist – 10 Things You Need to Know Before Migrating to the Cloud

April 05
07:49 2011

If you are migrating to Cloud environment, first of all get ready with your checklist for successful cloud. It’s no doubt cloud has become hot topic everywhere because of its mobility & flexibility at lower costs. Cloud infrastructures are next generation platforms that can provide tremendous value to any business. Many companies are now migrating to the advanced & cost effective concept of cloud hosting.

Successful migration to cloud needs evaluation all of pros and cons. Here I am trying to recommend some considerations while switching to cloud environment which will help you decide if you should move to the cloud or not. Here are some elementary steps before migrating to cloud.

  1. First understand how in-demand is your website & how much downtime is acceptable for you.
  2. What kind of control do you expect? If you want full control & willing to use all resources in a network, choose personal cloud.
  3. What are your access options? Define your needs for access in advance.
  4. What kind of application do you have currently? It sounds basic, but before migrating to the web, make sure is your application is a web application. You can choose some simple tools to convert it if required. If your application is native .NET/Java, you need to understand the technological aspects and compatibility options for these technologies within cloud you are targeting before migrating.
  5. Are you using any interop for other technologies? Make sure that those technologies are also supported by the cloud you are willing to migrate.
  6. What database type do you use? It is important to make sure that the target cloud can support the database you are using. If it doesn’t support, check if you can change the DB or run the application on cloud & use on-premise DB.
  7. Flexibility and transferability: Check whether you can move between cloud providers. If you are allowed access to a specific provider after the app is deployed it may put restrictions on your ability to transfer to another cloud platform.
  8. Scalability: Confirm whether you are able to afford dynamic scalability and redundancy to the server parts of your application? If you cannot scale dynamically, avoid moving to cloud.
  9. Security risks in the cloud: First of all, evaluate the vendor’s regulations & reputation. Then go ahead & understand security risks that can be revealed by making the client available from any system that is connected to the web.
  10. Upgrade costs. Check for different vendors & packages they are offering with detailed specifications. Speculate what are the costs and technical implications while upgrading your application.

These are some of the important tips you should consider before migrating to cloud environment. I believe this would help you choose right kind of cloud hosting option & help you achieve maximum benefit.

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