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Benefits of Shared Cloud verses Traditional Shared

April 19
08:32 2011

Once upon a time, cloud hosting technology was reserved for large companies and corporations. Only they could afford to put together complex cloud environments.

With the evolution of technology, those days are over. Cloud hosting is now affordable and available to companies large and small. Countless businesses are making the switch into the cloud, and for good reason.

Uptime that can’t be beat

One major difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting is the ability of cloud environments to offer 100% uptime. Regular shared hosting can only offer 99% uptime, at best.

How is this possible? Well, with cloud hosting your website is on hundreds of servers. If one of them happens to go down, another server will step in automatically. A server is always at the ready.

In contrast, shared hosting puts your website on one server. If it crashes, so does your site. There are no automatic backups in place to deal with potential problems or traffic surges.

Full scalability

In shared hosting, it’s common for another customer’s major traffic spike to affect the performance of your site.

With the cloud, this is not an issue. Big increases in web activity are dealt with dynamically and seamlessly. The cloud takes everything in stride. If more power is needed, the cloud automatically delivers, and then gears down when the rush is over.

Killer performance

Within a cloud hosting environment, you always know that your performance will be top-notch, even if you are running demanding applications and sophisticated programs. The cloud deploys quickly and accurately.

Shared hosting is notorious for its unreliability. It all depends on what else is going on and what other customers are doing. You can never be sure that your website will be performing as you want it to.

The way of the future

The cloud is the latest advancement in web hosting technology. If you’ve ever lost revenue because of your site going down, you know how detrimental a server crash can be. Cloud hosting makes this business nightmare thing of the past. Using enterprise level hardware from the biggest names in the business (Dell, Cisco etc…) and offering uptime, scalability and performance that shared hosting quite simply never could, more and more businesses are opting for cloud hosting solutions. It just makes good business sense.

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