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Univa Refines Data Center Optimization Strategy

January 13
08:39 2011

Web Hosting NewsLISLE, IL – Univa, a leader in management software for physical, virtual and cloud environments, today announced its strategy and development plans for a complete reference architecture and software stack designed to deliver new levels of data center optimization.

The cornerstone of Univa’s approach is its unique ‘continuous optimization’ capability, which lets companies achieve unparalleled levels of operational efficiency through improved resource sharing, amplified productivity of people and processes, and increased application and license utilization.

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“Univa is spearheading a new direction for improving data center IT operational efficiency to help address fundamental changes that have occurred in the market,” said Gary Tyreman, CEO of Univa Corporation. “Large consumers of compute resources everywhere are facing new challenges as a result of innovations like multi-core systems, large memory, high density servers, and cloud computing. Some organizations may even face diminishing utilization in their environments, and that can cost millions of dollars and introduce lags in delivery timelines.”

Univa software continually optimizes all the components of a modern data center through integration and orchestration of the following functions:

* Provisioning
* Resource management
* Workload scheduling and management
* Policy management and compliance
* Virtualization
* Cloud management

This modular approach allows customers to layer various management software in to the infrastructure as required to improve specific utilization or efficiency gaps. Univa software dynamically creates or configures the elements being managed in the computing environment and initiates action as necessary to ensure optimal policy alignment – from creating physical or virtual servers and changing the configuration of servers, storage or networking resources to securely moving workload to or from a cloud.

Univa is currently the only provider to offer such a broad level of integrated capabilities within the context of traditional, dynamic and cloud data centers in order to directly address the effects of a changing infrastructure.

“This path has developed over the past 18 months, as our customers have brought us into the cloud and Univa has evolved our offering to improve throughput in these kind of environments,” continues Tyreman. “Today, Univa offers the broadest and most innovative set of product capabilities and we expect to continue to lead as we add more complementary assets. We believe that no other software provider can deliver the same level of optimization and efficiency gains.”

“The impact of using poorly optimized technology can be measured in revenue or lost profits,” said Scott Clark, Founder and President, Deopli Corporation. “Since the complexity of the data center has grown in a non-linear manner, it no longer makes sense to manually manage processes. Rather, the correct answer is to leverage policy; that is, to automate the correct lower-level events to occur in the right sequence, at the right time, at the right frequency, and only when necessary. Before one can automate there are many elements that must be integrated. We believe Univa’s data center optimization approach can readily help companies achieve rapid ROI.”

Univa will be making further announcements in early 2011 regarding product direction and offerings in support of its data center optimization solutions. For more information, contact Univa at

About Univa Corporation
Univa, the Data Center Optimization Company, is the leading provider of optimization and management software for traditional, dynamic and cloud data centers. Our award-winning products are used by Global 2500 companies to improve resource sharing, amplify the efficiency of people and processes, and increase application and license utilization. Univa offers the industry’s broadest, most innovative and integrated product set for managing shared, high-demand data center resources. From workload management to policy-driven provisioning across physical, virtual and cloud resources, only Univa provides a proven combination of enterprise-class capabilities and unparalleled industry expertise. Univa is headquartered in Lisle, Illinois with offices worldwide.

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