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Web Host Interview with Josh Ewin, VP of Marketing at DedicatedNOW

Web Host Interview with Josh Ewin, VP of Marketing at DedicatedNOW
October 25
10:20 2010 interviews Josh Ewin Vice President of Marketing at DedicatedNOW.

DedicatedNOW is a dedicated server and managed hosting specialist delivering cutting-edge hosting solutions to meet the requirements of small and medium sized businesses, large scale corporations and individuals.

Please tell us the year established and brief history of DedicatedNOW?

DedicatedNOW was established in 1997 and was one of the first of the FortressITX family of companies. Early on, DedicatedNOW catered to the reseller market, offering unmanaged dedicated servers. Over the past four years, DedicatedNOW has made significant investments in its staffing, network infrastructure and datacenter improvements. Our core strength is our on-site admins – our server administration team is consistently awarded for performance and is well versed not only with server management, but advanced, high-availability server configurations as well.

I see DedicatedNOW focusing on Dedicated Servers and Managed Hosting.  What are some of the unique services and features that you offer in this market?
Our fully managed line of servers was launched our several years ago and remains our core product line. That being said, every month we turn up new high-availability clusters and assist many clients with managed dedicated and managed colocation services. We have several new services in the hopper, including Managed Exchange, CDN and our new Cloud product.

What would you say is the most challenging aspect to delivering these services?
Consistency. There are many aspects to running a quality hosting company, but when it comes down to it, if we don’t consistently provide extremely high value to our clients, then we’ve failed. We’ve been very fortunate to have the staff and infrastructure to consistently provide that kind of value.

We’ve seen a real buzz over the past year with cloud hosting, does DedicatedNOW plan to launch a cloud service?
Actually yes. Our cloud product is in beta testing right now. We’ve invested many months of develop into this product and we’re confident that all the planning, preparation and testing put into the DedicatedNOW Cloud will turn out to be a real game-changing product.

What makes DedicatedNOW unique in comparison to other dedicated server companies?
People. DedicatedNOW’s server administration staff has won many awards (six awards this year already) for its service and expertise. DedicatedNOW’s size allows us to provide an intimate touch with our customers that can’t be found with some of the larger players in the industry, while still being able to provide the infrastructure and expertise not commonly found in other companies our size.

What new features have DedicatedNOW added for its customers in the past year?
Over the past year, DedicatedNOW has rolled out several new services including CDN, Managed Colocation service and our new Intel line of servers. In that time, we’ve doubled our DDoS protection and made significant upgrades to our facility, including the installation of a new power substation, which enhances the stability of our power feeds.

Where do you see DedicatedNOW and the web hosting industry in three years?
DedicatedNOW has evolved so much over the past decade that it’s hard to predict where the Company will be in the future. I’m very confident in our Cloud product as well as our managed hosting service, which has consistently grown over the past few years. I think we’ll still be a very customer-centric company and regardless of our product mix, I think our management and expertise will still be the big attraction of this Company.

What is your average turn-around time on a support tickets?
Fifteen minutes or less.

In summary, what would you like FindMyHost visitors to know about DedicatedNOW that we may have not covered above?

We have a very compelling product offering right now with our managed server line (every managed server includes full management, 100% uptime guarantee, Free Backup, SSL VPN, KVM over IP and Proactive Monitoring). Definitely visit our website and check it out.

Can you explain your customer support and what a customer can expect if they need assistance?
Our support staff is located on site and our NOC is directly adjacent to our datacenter. Our facility is staffed 24×7 by our admins every day of the year. Customers can receive help via email or phone 24/7 by our experienced admins.

For more information on DedicatedNOW, please visit: or

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