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Future Facilities Introduces CFD Modeling in New Data Center Design and Simulation Software

October 19
08:06 2010

Web Host NewsSan Jose, CA – Future Facilities North America, the leading provider of data center infrastructure simulation software, today announced the release of version 6 of 6SigmaDC, a suite of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools.  6SigmaDC version 6 provides expanded modeling capability and best-of-breed capacity for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) integration.

“The integration of the 6SigmaFM Virtual Facility model, DCIM and real-time monitoring allow IT and facilities teams to manage a data center side-by-side as a single, integrated team,” said Sherman Ikemoto, General Manager, Future Facilities North America.  “Data center and IT managers are now able to manage cooling system efficiency, ensure IT availability, reduce annual operating costs and realize the full potential of the facility by utilizing a ‘real-time’ CFD model that can receive a constant stream of updates from 3rd-party systems.”  

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6SigmaFM Version 6 has the ability to import automatically real-time power consumption data, temperature data and IT asset changes (moves, adds, changes, and decommissions) in the Virtual Facility – making it the hub of critical operational information.

The 6SigmaITM and 6SigmaFM tools used together allow the full potential of a facility to be reached without compromising safety or operational integrity.  For example, with comprehensive analysis of cooling capacity to include zonal limits and dynamic cabinet cooling limits, it is now possible to allow for more flexible equipment installation.  The 6SigmaITM interface has been improved to allow the IT manager to propose IT configuration changes based on quantitative data of facility layout, power consumption, cooling capacity, weight and network ports- all available at the click of a button.

6SigmaDC Version 6 introduces a host of major – and subtle – technical features that make 6SigmaDC more comprehensive and easier to use than ever.  6SigmaRoom Version 6 supports more detailed internal ACU modeling, bringing far more realistic airflow characteristics to the

Virtual Facility models.  Ducts with circular or rectangular cross-sections are now easy to include in the Virtual Facility model, even when flow is required inside them. These ducts have the full capability of the originals – allowing vents, transition pieces and branches to be added as required.  In addition, improved features in version 6 allow users to study the effect of prevailing winds and solar radiation on buildings & modular containers.  Users can perform analysis on general “built environments” and “data centers” in one comprehensive tool.

6SigmaRoomVersion 6 simplifies the task of creating models of complex facilities.  Models can now be used at the room scale and for detailed equipment design.  6SigmaDC’s expansive library of cabinet models has been improved in Version 6 through the introduction of comprehensive equipment catalogues. Cabinets can now be composed from a catalogue of readymade parts, bringing consistency and variety in a far simpler package.

The inclusion of new objects, such as internal walls, lights on walls, rotated raised floors and roof panels, allows the user to create a Virtual Facility model that is more representative of actual conditions.

Last year, Future Facilities announced that Cisco Systems is saving $120,000 per year by simulating their data center with 6 SigmaDC.

About Future Facilities
Future Facilities is a leading provider of design, optimization and management software for mission-critical facilities and data centers.  Future Facilities’ solutions are applied to ensure all capacity, efficiency and reliability criteria are met throughout all phases of the facility lifecycle.

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