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SoftLayer® Launches Second Dallas Data Center

SoftLayer® Launches Second Dallas Data Center
September 21
08:54 2010

Web Host NewsDALLAS SoftLayer Technologies®, the innovative on-demand data center services provider, today launched its second Dallas data center, located in the company’s recently completed headquarters.

Designated DAL05, the new facility features an advanced dual-path network structure, including redundant network interface cards (NICs) in every server. Customers can select up to 2G of connectivity for any DAL05 server, select servers with up to 10G, and configure their networking resources to achieve all new levels of efficiency.

“Networking is the killer variable for today’s online services. Social networking, web application, cloud solutions—they all need higher bandwidth and more throughput control than ever,” said Sam Fleitman, Chief Operations Officer for SoftLayer. “DAL05 pushes SoftLayer’s trademark networking advantage even farther. The dual-path structure not only provides greater bandwidth to individual computing units, it lets customers do things like designate separate paths for different traffic streams, optimizing a server’s networking for its specific application.”

DAL05 has capacity for 15,000 servers, 24×7 onsite support, and multiple security protocols controlling entrance to the facility. It is fully connected to SoftLayer’s data centers located at the INFOMART in Dallas, in Seattle, Washington, and in the Washington D.C. area, and to the company’s network Points of Presence in seven additional U.S. cities.

DAL05 servers can be ordered starting today at or through the company’s leading Customer Portal. 2Gbps bandwidth is available for only $15 per month.

About SoftLayer Technologies
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SoftLayer is a best-in-class, infrastructure-as-a-service provider with data centers in Dallas, Seattle, and Washington, DC, and network Points of Presence across the US. SoftLayer integrates and automates all IT elements, allowing customers to create cloud, dedicated, or seamless hybrid computing environments managed through a single interface. Enterprises of any size can have complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management in an on-demand IT solution. For more information, please visit or call 866.398.7638.

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