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InterNetX: Typosquatting – The Business in Spelling Mistakes

July 15
06:56 2010

Web Host NewsREGENSBURG – Typosquatting can lead to substantial losses for businesses. One study claims that companies with highly frequented websites can lose as much as 300 million USD annually to typosquatting. Although there is some disagreement about the accuracy of this figure, it is an indication of the financial losses associated with typosquatting. The German company InterNetX, offers sound advice and practical features for companies not only to regain, but also to win web traffic and drastically lower their typosquatting losses.

Also known as URL hijacking, typosquatting is the practice of using misspellings, typing mistakes or alternative domain extensions to register a domain name similar to that of a well-known or frequently visited website. These are usually linked to pay-per-click advertising sites, redirect to competitor sites or occasionally even contain malware or phishing content. Whatever the case, the main objective is to draw traffic away from the website the user intends to visit.

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“It’s a double-edged sword,” says Hakan Ali, Director of Sales and Marketing at InterNetX, “Typosquatting often results in strong traffic and financial losses. Many companies just accept this as another of the dangers involved in online business – they fail to understand the simple brilliance behind the concept. Users are human, they make typos and they make them often – but they want to reach a specific website. Companies need to recognize this and preempt typosquatters by registering the relevant domain names from the start. Clever domain registration makes sure their customers reach the websites they intend to reach – increasing customer satisfaction, online traffic and ultimately increasing profits.”

The Domain Name Generator is one of the many features to be found in AutoDNS 3.0 – the InterNetX domain management solution. As the name suggests, the Domain Name Generator uses the specified domain name to generate a list of domain names containing common spelling errors and typos. The bulk features make it even easier – the user can subsequently check the availability of all the listed domain names with over 300 TLDs in the Multi Whois tool, filter the list and carry out a bulk registration quickly and easily.

Those who don’t want their website traffic reduced by typosquatters should act quickly and consider adopting the clever tactic of registering domains with typos. It’s definitely worth investing in targeted domain registration.

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