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Arsys Reduces Data Center Energy Consumption

July 27
07:32 2010

Web Hosting NewsSpain – The leading Internet presence, managed hosting and cloud computing service company Arsys has reduced its energy consumption by 20% in the past year, since its new Data Center came online in July 2009.

This has resulted in a reduction in electricity consumption of approximately 300,000 kWh per month, including both the electricity consumed by servers and that required to cool them.  That amount of production by power utilities would have resulted in the emission of several tonnes of CO2 per month.

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In recent months, Arsys has undertaken various energy efficiency projects at the new Data Center to consolidate its technology platforms through virtualised environments and the cloud hosting platform.  The number of servers required, and therefore the energy consumed, is thus reduced without affecting the technology services marketed by the company.

In the words of Olof Sandstrom, General Manager for Operations of the company, “this Data Center has enabled us to undertake intensive server virtualisation projects and reduce the total number of actual, physical production servers by around 800, while increasing our levels of service and the reliability of our platforms.  We intend to continue working on these lines to cut the number of actual servers by a further 400”.

The Arsys Data Center incorporates advanced technology that reduces the electricity consumption of servers.  “By combining latest generation UPSs, chillers, climate control units with automatic cold regulation and ventilation, open towers and sealed off, chilled aisles in the technical room, we have set up a system with enormous potential for configuration and adjustment which can reach an annual average PUE of less than 1.6, even though it is not yet performing at full capacity”, explained Sandstrom.

Arsys is optimising all its technological and industrial resources to reduce the environmental impact of hosting and maximise reliability and energy efficiency in the services that it has launched onto the market and in the customised ICT architecture solutions that it develops from medium and large sized corporations.

Arsys is already planning to expand its modular Data Center in response to increasing demands for its services.

About Arsys
Arsys is a leader in technology and innovation which provides Internet presence services, managed hosting, cloud computing and advanced solutions for corporate customers and individuals. Arsys has over 250,000 customers and manages over 680,000 domains. The company is at the top of the ranking in its sector in Europe and is pioneering the development of Spain’s first commercial cloud hosting platform.

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